The beauty expert reveals the lessons she's learned from her successful career

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World-renowned facialist, beauty therapist and all round beauty pro Nichola Joss has been massaging the faces of the industry's elite back to life for years. From creating bespoke spa treatments to working on editorial shoots for glossy magazines, Nichola has seen both sides of the beauty world with her own eyes - but what has she learned along the way? We found out...

The best things I've learned about...


I think the biggest thing I have learnt about failure is not to hold onto it but to recognise, accept and move on. Failure gives you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and grow as a person.

Switching off

Yoga and meditation give me the ability to switch off. I try to practice restorative yoga meditation and yoga nidra every day even if it’s just for 10 minutes. This allows me to clear the chatter in my brain and re-energise my body.


I think the beautiful thing about ageing is the experiences that we go through whilst spending time with other people. With regards to beauty and ageing the most important thing for me is the mindset of youth. Keeping one’s self healthy, exercising i.e. constant body movement and using clever beauty treatments and tools one can keep one’s self looking as radiant and youthful as possible. I massage my skin every day with a face and body oil and use the Tria Age-Defying Laser , £450, to give my skin an extra boost, radiance and vitality. It also helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles. My skincare products I swear by are oils -  Sanctuary Spa Facial Oil , £12.50, is my go-to, all-time favourite facial product.


I think working hard and honestly is one of the most fulfilling ways of earning money. It doesn't make you happy but it certainly helps to pay the bills. If you find something you are good at and you like them money tends to come along after it. I don't really think about money that much.


The most favourite part of my job and what keeps me rushing to work in the mornings are people. I adore working with people and I am so fortunate to be in an industry that allows me to connect with many different types of people. Showing empathy, compassion and care to another human being brings out the very best.

Hiring staff

It’s important to me to have trust, loyalty, understanding and like-mindedness when hiring staff. My assistants have been with me for 7+ years working closely in salon, backstage, red carpet events, filming and shoots, and we all have the same vision, goals and energy. Because I have had the same team supporting me for such a long time they have been essential in making the brand Nichola Joss. My PA has been with me for over 8 years and is really part of the family.

My industry

I feel fortunate to be in not only the beauty industry but also involved in the fashion industry. I love the fact that beauty and fashion have come together so much more in the last 10 years. Developing my own skincare range has given me such an insight into the research, development and technology involved in the growth of the beauty industry. The dynamics of working in the fast pace vibrancy of fashion with so many creative hair and make-up people keeps my industry exciting fresh and new.

Confidence at work

When you know exactly what you are doing, what your skills are, how to pass on essential knowledge, give the best possible treatment and make all of your clients happy, balanced and eager to return it's one of the most confidence boosting things you can do. It’s all about knowing your practice and delivering the best possible you every time.

A working wardrobe

My working wardrobe is simple – it’s jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets. In the winter it’s leather trousers, cashmere jumpers and scarves. If I’m feeling really ladylike I may throw on a wrap dress but i am more comfortable in casuals and if I have an after work event I throw a pair of heels on.

Organising myself

I am a little OCD but because I have so many different jobs to juggle (salons in Covent Garden London and Chelsea New York, fashion shows, photo shoots, ambassador roles and skincare development) I leave all my organisation i.e. bookings, diary, flights etc to my PA Sam. That leaves me just enough time to do all of my work and spend time with my family!

The digital age

I totally embrace the digital age - every platform, every gadget and every tool possible. I am a little haphazard with Instagram but I adore the development and fast pace of the digital age.

Office politics

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be honest, be fair, be kind (save your judgements for yourself).

Nichola Joss is a spokesperson for  Tria Beauty