Aromatherapy can have a dramatic impact on our mood and wellbeing, so having such therapy at your fingertips can work wonders

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A well crafted scent can have the near miraculous effect of taking you back in time, sparking your imagination, lifting a cloud of stress and worry or lulling you to sleep. There’s no doubt that fragrance and state of mind are closely intertwined, and when you combine mood altering elements such as oud and rose with velvety, nourishing and soothing skincare, you take self-care to the next level.

One such brand pushing the envelope in this area is Prismologie , a beauty company that prides itself on combining high quality botanicals with cutting edge skincare ingredients to preserve the elasticity, suppleness and comfort of your skin. Two areas that suffer in particular come cold weather are hands and feet, and as such we’ve cherry picked relaxation inducing Pink O’Clock Hand Cream and endorphin releasing Indigo Interlude Foot Cream as key players in our Cult Collection Latest in Beauty Box , to see you through dark winter days and beyond. Pink O’Clock is not only especially sensuous due to its unique blend of arctic rose, it also fortifies hands come what may, thanks to an antioxidant rich alpine plant complex, designed to brighten age spots and even skintone. Baobab oil also packs in vitamins A and E and omega oils to speed up cell turnover and provide a high quality moisture hit. Once home after a long day, massage in (preferably not yourself) the Indigo Interlude Foot Cream and you’ll find you’ll sleep soundly, after experiencing an initial energy boost care of invigorating wild indigo extract. We’re not sure exactly what violet rice is, but it’s designed to firm, and our feet were definitely smoother and in FAR better condition after a few uses so there must be something in it. In terms of an omega injection you’ve got blackcurrant seed oil at work here in this case, blended with wild mango butter to help you attain feet like a baby’s, in a non-creepy way. If you’ve surrendered your mani and pedi habit now that summer’s over, treating yourself to these two is a dreamy winter alternative.

To try Pink O’Clock Hand Cream and Indigo Interlude Foot Cream for yourself, purchase our Cult Collection Latest in Beauty Box here for just £15.95 (worth over £60). You’ll receive a feast of other treasured beauty goodies too…