The Fountain Molecule range puts key skincare ingredients straight into our diets

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We all know beauty starts from within, and it's with this knowledge that the Fountain Molecule beauty supplement range earns its place on our shelves.

Liquid supplements which target various parts of the body, the new set covers everything from the mind to the hair; little bottles of drinkable goodness that will help to diminish those fine lines, boost the health of your barnet and even balance your mood.

With no gimmicks or grand claims, the Fountain brand is based on water-soluble forms of well-known, proven nutrients, designed to either make you look good, feel good or be good (and let's face it, we want all three).

While topical lotions and potions promising anti-ageing benefits have their place, so too do these smart supplements which allow you to take in the powerful ingredients as part of your diet. Key players in the health and beauty arena such as hyaluronic acid (the best hydrating ingredient for skin), resveratrol (a potent anti-oxidant) and collagen all feature in the collection; it's where beauty and science meet.

Fountain Molecule supplements, from £19.99 are available from  Selfridges