Stress-busting skincare expert and acupuncturist Annee De Mamiel reveals the beauty and wellness products that keep her on top form

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You’d be hard pushed to find someone with a more impressive CV than Annee De Mamiel; as well as founding the eponymous De Mamiel  skincare collection, she studied Chinese medicine and is an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and skincare practioner – you can even indulge in one of her treatments at The Soho Hotel .

De Mamiel has always had a focus on stress and the impact it has on skin, and her Instagram grid is a hotbed of tips on how to deal with stress, under the hashtag #addressyourstress.

We caught up with her on the beauty and wellness products she can’t live without; if they’re good enough for her…

1.  Glacce Clear Quartz Bottle, £70

"I love that with this bottle, sipping water might have a double effect - not only hydrating me but also warding off negative energies. According to crystal lore, smoky quartz anchors the root chakra, amplifying good intentions, cultivating serenity, and guarding against bad vibes. There were lots of different ones to choose from but this one was just calling my name."

2. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, £49

"I was introduced to this amazing product by a great friend many years ago. I was never a bath person, a leftover from someone who grew up in a drought-stricken area of Australia and a what a waste of water it was, however when I started doing some serious running again last year it soothed my muscles and is now something I just can’t live without."

3. Symprove Probiotics, £79 for four weeks' supply

"I was introduced to these by nutritionist Eve Kalinik; I love her no-nonsense scientific approach to food. I take this regularly as I can see and feel a difference and recommend it to most of my patients."

4.  Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydration Mask, £65

"I was introduced to Josh by Lola Gusman  and how could I not fall in love with him? His fabulous energy, enthusiasm and honesty of who he is, flows through into his range and is quite often something I reach for in my clinic. My absolute favourite of his is the Hydration Mask – nourishing, replenishing and smells divine."

5.  GOOP Rose Quartz Soothing Face-Massage Roller, £38

"I love this roller so much it lives on my bedside table; it's sturdy, looks beautiful and is a dream to use."

6. Apsu Nutrition products, from $22.90 AUSD

"Nick Moloney who owns this brand is one of the most focussed and dedicated people I have ever met. He has sailed around the world three times and holds 17 world records. I really notice when I'm not taking this supplement; my energy is all over the place and Nick is someone who knows about needing endurance, which is where I am most days… it's a food-based multivitamin and really helps with digestion, energy and as an added bonus the packaging is 100 per cent plastic-free."

7. Kikki.K journal, £21

"My journal takes priority in my wellbeing list. I find journaling is the best way to empty my mind before meditation or to help me sleep. I just brain dump everything in a book. It sits on top of the revolving pile of books on my bedside table – right there with the latest Clinical journal or inspirational book. I find that research, reading and learning really fulfils and excites me."

8. De Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend, £95

"This is my absolute favourite product at the moment. In the evening I mix it with my mist  to create a thick serum and pop oil over the top and I wake with a calmness in my skin which always surprises me. This product actually began as an oil to treat my patients' dry eczema, before evolving into what it is today. I changed the product to make it heal, hydrate and calm even more without being oily, heavy or overly rich and I love the way that this pot over-performs every time."

9. Aussie Grit running kit, from £20

"This brand started was by former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber. It's my go-to for running kit – comfy, lasts forever and just doesn't lose its shape. Most importantly, the leggings don't slip down when you're running. For me running eases my stress and really helps me process things and makes sense of what is going on; I tend to go for two or three runs a week. "

10. JoGB Slojo Candle, £65

"I've known beauty editor Jo Glanville-Blackburn, who created this candle, for many years. I respect and admire the way she has approached her MS diagnosis ; her energy and resilience in taking this on are remarkable, not only immersing herself in how to better her mind and body but delving into her biggest loves of botanical aromas and the comfort of candles to help encourage others. We share the desire to continually educate people to find new ways to reduce stress for a calmer less frantic life – I am still learning! She has three glorious natural candles, but my favourite is definitely Slojo – the relaxing one."

11. Apple Watch, £429

"I don’t tend to be into technology; I prefer to handwrite notes as opposed to sending an email most of the time so I'm surprised about how much I love my Apple Watch. I love that it reminds me to change perspective - to breathe and to stand when I have been sitting at my desk for too long. The training data I get especially when running tells me so much and it’s all in one place which makes planning so much easier, I just have to remember to charge it..."

12.  Ainsworths Arnica 30c Homeopathic Remedy, £14.34

"One of the biggest effects of flying long haul on your body is inflammation, so my onboard bag and bathroom cabinet always has a stash of this. Arnica has active components which are known to reduce inflammation and ease pain. I would normally take 30c every few hours on the day of my flight and the day after. "