A Christmas decoration with a beauty twist: the new limited edition Molton Brown Festive Shower Gel Bauble makes for the perfect Yuletide treat

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As much as we love our tinsel, stars and fairy lights, the new range of Festive Shower Gel Baubles from Molton Brown could give our more traditional Christmas decorations the type of multi-tasking beauty upgrade we’ve been looking for.

A treat for both boughs and baths alike, each houses a sweet-smelling blend of luxurious scents to appease all the senses this season. From the purple-hued Ylang Ylang  to the golden Elderflower , the rose-tinted Rhubarb and Rose  to the sky blue Templetree  and many more, each provides the perfect pint-sized dose of R&R to add a truly special touch to anyone’s stocking (and shower) this year. Dear Santa...

The new limited edition Molton Brown Shower Gel Baubles are £10 to £11 each and are available to buy from  boots.com .

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