Unlike some questionable movie sequels, the FOREO portfolio gets better with every incarnation and the smart, app-connected LUNA mini 3 is no different. Cleansing away any icky aftermath post-workout and giving a quick on-the-go glow, it’s set to be as much of a necessity in your gym bag as your Lycra

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Everyone knows that wearing makeup at the gym is a cardinal sin – all the sweat and build up during the session that can't escape, which then sits in the pores waiting to erupt. A prominent pimple that looks as angry as you feel about it - not really the healthy post-gym glow you were after.

But when you’re dashing from your desk to your spin class/pilates session/boxing ring, you have other things on your mind than cleansing before and after - we’ve all been there. But that’s where FOREO 's latest pocket rocket, the LUNA mini 3 comes in. It's the latest innovation to join  Swedish beauty and wellbeing brand FOREO's skincare device  family. The brand has already caught the attention of high profile skin-smart women such as Meghan Markle and Chrissy Teigen.

The FOREO LUNA mini 3  is so small you can keep it in your jacket or hoodie rather than leaving it to roll around in the bottom of your rucksack. We popped it in our pocket en route to the gym so we could reach for it as soon as we saw a washbasin. But it's not just for gym-lovers: this facial sonic cleansing device  is an everyday essential to help make fresh, glowing skin achievable.

Cleansing in a mere 60 seconds, its tiny pulsations quickly and effectively whisk away everything your skin has collected throughout the duration of the day – pollution, excess product, dirt – you name it, helping you annihilate anything that could disrupt your skin. And because it has 12 intensities to choose from, you can adapt your cleansing routine to how your skin is feeling on the day, whether that's sensitive, gym-sweaty or tired and in need of a boost.

The LUNA mini 3 also has an innovative new feature, which if you're pushed for time will make cleansing even easier. The 'Glow Boost' mode is a smart 30-second cleanse at the touch of a button - perfect for when your face is in need of a quick refresh.

The soft silicone nodules mean there’s no tugging or pulling so it doesn’t feel aggressive and is kind on sensitive skin, making it so easy to cleanse, go - and glow. Improved sonic power (8,000 pulsations a minute to be precise) also means you can reach deep into your pores for a speedy, thorough and yet still gentle cleanse. The pulsations add a vibrancy to your complexion, leaving it looking fresh and dewy.

The Glow Boost function is also genius if you’re in as much of a rush to get out of the gym as you were to get in it. It swipes away sweat and leaves your complexion looking perky, toned and healthy. It also gives you the extra confidence that you’ve got rid of anything that could cause breakouts and infections.

And let’s not forget the high-tech spec because this is one smart facial cleansing brush  - you can customise your cleansing by synching up your LUNA mini 3 with the 'FOREO For You' app and even use it to locate your device should you lose it with its 'Find My LUNA' feature. Press the 'Find My LUNA' button on the app and your LUNA mini 3 will buzz in response - saving you valuable minutes, not to mention the frustration.

The app allows you to set, alter and amend how intense you want your LUNA mini 3’s pulsations to be, just like your workout it can be high or low-key vibes. Our advice would be to experiment until you find your groove. Taking the effort out of makeup (and sweat) removal, it’s become part of our workout routine and our skin looks way better for it. We’ve also noticed the products we apply afterwards seem to sink in faster too - winning all round. There’s nothing quite like that sensation of washing away the aftermath of your day so everything from your muscles to your skin feels tingly and fresh.

FOREO LUNA mini 3 costs £139 and will be available from 23 September 2019 from  foreo.com  and  cultbeauty.com

Written in partnership with FOREO