Oily skin getting you down? Don't reach for the powder - pick up the blotting powder instead. The Gloss team put them to the test

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MAC Blot Film

Price: £11

Buy online:  www.maccosmetics.co.uk

Feedback: “With a nose as shiny as mine, a good pressed powder has always been my faithful go-to beauty product for helping conceal my glow-on-the-go (a nice way of saying, my super sweaty face). However, it would be good to find a more compact, less bulky alternative that would be able to fit in one of my impractically small ‘going out out’ handbags and thankfully, I think I’ve found it.

“These blotting papers were excellent at mopping up all excess oil from my T-zone which come 5pm, was shining like a light bulb. Portable, sleek and discreet, the only thing that I could fault is that I found it a little fiddly to get the papers out one at a time. That being said, it was fine once I’d got the knack of it. I have a feeling that these will become my new must-have clubbing companion on many a night out to come.”

Reviewer: AM

Score: 9/10

NYX Blemish Control Blotting Paper

Price: £4

Buy online: www.nyxcosmeticsstore.co.uk

Feedback: “I’ve had some ‘ac attack’ style breakouts recently and frequently nip off to the ladies on a night out to powder my nose, despite multiple warnings from dermatologists that powder can block pores - so I was looking forward to switching my compact for these mattifying, blemish busting blotting papers. Unfortunately I found that they were no match for my beloved pressed powder when it came to mopping up midday shine or sunset oil slicks (although they were much cheaper!).

“Packaged in a slim, purple packet, the blotting sheets are convenient to carry around and given that there are one hundred of them they should last you some time. When I came to use them, I found them quite difficult to position and felt that they took away more make-up than oil (despite the product’s promise that it leaves make-up intact). I can’t say that my skin looked noticeably more ‘matte’ afterwards. The sheets do contact salicylic acid to fight away pesky zits, which makes you feel like they’re working away on something, but this wasn’t enough of a gamechanger for me to switch from powder to paper. Perhaps better used to reduce shine when you’re going make-up free.”

Score: 4/10

Reviewer: AH

Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers

Price: £17.00

Buy online:  www.bobbibrown.co.uk

Feedback: “Much like primer, the blotting papers trend has never been one that gripped me; I never considered them an essential beauty bag component or even a one-off purchase. But while my recent revelations with primer have proved me wrong on that count, I have to stick to my guns when it comes to the latter. The packaging – as always with Bobbi Brown – is gorgeous, I’ll give you that; with a little faux-leather case and mirror, they do add a sophisticated, je ne sais quoi to my make-up bag but unfortunately, the mirror proved more useful than the actual papers.

“Before I’d even tried them, I had to assemble them as the case and blotting papers were wrapped separately, which meant much fiddling and, frankly - being the intensely lazy and demanding consumer that I am - I objected to it. Why they couldn’t come already in their case is beyond me but had I any desire to DIY, I’d have hotfooted it to Ikea: land of the flat pack. I had even more objections when it came to the price-tag, and for what is essentially glammed up greaseproof paper, I think I’ll use my £17 to buy a nice powder or a bedside table from Sweden’s finest.”

Score: 3/10

Reviewer: ER

Paul & Joe Blotting Paper (2013 Limited Edition)

Price: £3.50

Buy online: www.beautybay.com

Feedback: "Regardless of however much the other Glossies complain to you about their oily T-zones, know this - I am the oiliest of them all. Whether they think so or not, they are in fact flawless all day, every day and any shine they speak of is in actuality more along the lines of a dewy JLo glow.

“With skin that is ridiculously shiny all the time I, on the other hand, heavily rely on blotting but I must confess I generally reach for the endless supply of Kleenex in my handbag as opposed to proper blotting paper. While the old Kleenex does a great job of mopping up all that excess oil it also removes most of my make-up - which is rarely ideal. Presented with Paul and Joe's blotting papers - a tiny yellow packet covered with dolphins - I quickly realised that I'd been missing out. Scoring a 10/10 for packaging alone - this may just be the most adorable product I've ever set eyes on. Small enough to fit in even the tiniest clutch bag and containing 100 sheets, it would definitely be a lot cheaper that my Kleenex habit. Putting it to the test simply sealed the deal for me - it eliminates shine whilst leaving make-up fully intact. Au revoir Kleenex."

Reviewer: KB

Score: 10/10

Palladio Natural Rice Paper Tissues

Price: £4.50 for 40

Buy online: www.beautynaturals.net

Feedback: “Available in three shades, these blotting papers are made with natural rice powder and claim to be multi-purpose by virtue of having a matte side to absorb excess oil and powdered side to finish with.

“Having rather oily skin I initially thought that any blotting paper would do the job but Palladio proved me wrong. The texture of the blotting paper wasn't great - I felt as though I was dabbing my face with recycled paper. The powdered side wasn't much better - in fact it was of no use whatsoever. With drab packaging and a price tag of £4.50 for only 40 sheets, Palladio is one product I shall happily be leaving on the shelf.”

Reviewer: KB

Score: 0/10