A good deodorant is surprisingly hard to find. We put them to the test to separate the sweat-saviours from the cash-wasters

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We’ve all been there. You’re running to catch a tube fresh out of a spin class or have chosen the wrong tight t-shirt for a warm summer's day and quicker than you can say ‘sweaty betty’ you get hit with a case of the mortifying underarm patches. Nightmare.

But don’t sweat it, as the Glossy Posse have spent the last week pampering their pits with a whole range of deodorants and antiperspirants to see which brands are the true sweat-stopper saviours and which ones left them high and, well, not so dry.

Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream

Price £5.30

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Feedback “As far as deodorants go, this is the best I’ve tried. Normally a spray and split kinda gal, I’ve now gone back to my roll-on roots after discovering this particular anti-perspirant.

“Designed to be used in the morning, or interestingly before bed the night before (I opted for the former), I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It was quick-drying, didn’t leave any white marks and kept me suitably dry and sweat-stain free (sorry), literally all day long. A definite gym bag or suitcase essential this bikini season , it’s been a game-changer for me as far as deodorants go.”

Reviewer AM

Score 10/10

Triple Dry Active Fragrance Spray Deodorant

Price £5.35

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Feedback “I’ve always had a bit of an aversion to spray deodorants. For no good reason, really, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always used a basic stick deodorant. So, I viewed this Gloss Report as an opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and try a spray formula.

“I opted for Triple Dry’s Active Fragrance, which specifies that it’s for heavy perspiration (not that I sweat *that* much, but why not, I figured). First test: a Beyonce-inspired dance class with a fellow Glossy on Saturday afternoon. I skeptically sprayed the deodorant on - so strange! - before heading out for the day, and to my surprise, I stayed dry long after the class ended. (And trust me, we definitely worked up quite a sweat attempting to replicate Bey’s moves.) Not yet fully convinced, I put my new antiperspirant to the test once again on Sunday, applying it before an outdoor softball practice. Turns out, I never should’ve questioned Triple Dry, because it kept me clean and fresh-feeling for the rest of the afternoon.

“My only complaint - and perhaps this can be attributed to me simply being a spray deodorant newbie - is figuring out just how much to put on. Too much and the spray can get a bit chalky and begin to flake. However, for the protection and comfort that this antiperspirant offers, I’m happy to go through a bit of trial and error to find my perfect application.”

Reviewer KA

Score 9/10

Q: Awe The Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Price £2.29

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Feedback “I don’t really experiment when it comes to deodorant. I found love a while ago with one specific spray so there was never any reason to stray. I had mixed feelings about testing something new this week. This Q: Awe spray comes in three scents, Jasmine and Rose, Iris and Mimosa and Rose and Bergamot. I opted for Jasmine and Rose, a refreshing scent that seemed like a more grown-up version of those Impulse sprays that you used to stuff in your PE bag for a quick head-to-toe spritz post-rounders.

"Similarly, this product suggests an all-over spray for fine fragrance and active deodorant protection all day long. While I was left in a cloud of floral scent, this spray left my underarms quite wet, meaning I had to wait awhile before I could pull on my top in a bid to avoid any white marks.

"As the day went on, I became more and more conscious of the floral scent weakening and that fresh feeling fading. I found myself sweating – never the case with my aforementioned love – and just plain dirty, despite not even using it for a sporty activity. While this scent is nice for a touch of fragrance to the body, it is in no way suitable for deodorant protection."

Reviewer HI

Score 4/10

Sanex Roll-on Dermo Prohydrate

Price £1.75

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Feedback My armpits are akin to warzones thanks to daily shaving, so Sanex’s depilated skin formulation piqued my interest. I’m a devoted spray deodorant fan, so was intrigued to see if a more moisturising roll-on made a difference to the state of my poor, ravaged underarms. I have to say that I was really impressed - this anti-perspirant deodorant put sweat back in its box without flaking or irritating my sensitive skin. It dried really quickly, which has previously been my bugbear where roll-ons are concerned (no one likes tacky pits), and the scent was light, fresh and extremely subtle to the point of almost indiscernible. I don’t think that this is a bad thing - deodorant should never fill in for fragrance, and if it does it’s perhaps time to invest in a nice eau de toilette to do the talking. At such a budget price it’s a steal, and the packaging doesn’t look cheap in the slightest. I’m sold.

Reviewer: AH

Score: 10/10

Clinique Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On

Price £12.50

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“I switched to spray deodorants a few years ago after deciding I couldn’t deal with the white-mark sticky pit roll-on any longer, and have never looked back. For this reason, I was slightly wary about giving Clinique’s anti-perspirant roll-on a test run, convinced it would mean a return to the days of frantically drying my underarms with a hairdryer before I was able to throw on a shirt, for fear it would glue itself to my underarms.

“Despite my apprehension, I was pleasantly surprised when I first used the roll-on. It went on easily and didn’t feel thick and sticky like previous products I’d tried. It was also clear, which I hoped was a good indicator that white marks would not show, and had a nice, slightly chocolatey smell (if your underarms are into that). Unfortunately, when I came to get dressed I found my underarms were still glistening, and the bits around the edges that had dried had started to go white - not a good sign.

“In terms of sweat-busting, the deodorant held up pretty well in the face of my mammoth commute into the office from the small, seaside town where I live. Running for tubes and hopping off trains, I still felt (and smelt!) pretty fresh by the end of the day. There were no wet patches and I felt very well-protected. I wouldn’t say I’m a roll-on convert, but if you have time in the mornings to allow the product to dry, Clinique’s anti-perspirant deodorant does protect against sweat, odour and wet patches really well.”

Reviewer EJ

Score 7/10