The Gloss Report: Exfoliating Pads

12 June 2014
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The Gloss Report: Exfoliating Pads

When summer comes around we like to think that a little sunshine and fresh air gives us a lighter, brighter and all round better complexion. However, more often than not the combination of suncream, sweat and sea can leave our skin feeling a little clogged and congested.

So, to make sure we’re looking clean, clear and gorgeously glowing all season long the Glossy Posse have been trialling and testing exfoliating facial pads to see which banished the blackheads and which were more of a damp squib

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Aveda Outer Peace Exfoliating Pads

Price £23

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Feedback "I don’t particularly like exfoliating products in general - they tend to irritate my skin and Leave me with more problems than I had previously. However, I was quite taken with these pads from Aveda.

"Infused with powerful plant extracts such as tamanu, amla, boswellia and saw palmetto (don’t worry I’d never heard of them either) these pads work alongside organic lemon tea tree to fight blackheads and blemishes to help you achieve a clear and beautiful complexion. Users are advised to apply the pads once a day after cleansing or more if you need to doing some extra exfoliating to unclog pores.

"I stuck to just once a day before bedtime (just in case) and using circular motions I applied the pads all over my face and neck.  Delicately scented with the aroma of rose geranium they were gentle on the skin and left my face feeling revived and refreshed. After a week I can’t honestly say I was left totally blemish free but there is no doubt that my skin was certainly smoother and cleaner in my usual ‘trouble’ zones. I would continue to use it but more because it makes a nice cooling nighttime ritual.

"Not a total skin saviour but it is meant to part of a four part skin regime so perhaps I don’t have the full picture."

Reviewer KR

Score 7/10

3 / 10

Philosophy The Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel

Price £59

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Feedback "I’ve never been one for at-home peels. I usually prefer to go to a professional for a deep-cleansing facial when my skin starts acting up. However, when I suffered from spots as a teen, I was partial to a glycolic pad to keep my skin clear - and since philosophy’s Brightening Peel boasted glycolic acid, I figured it might be a good fit.

"It’s simple enough to use. Simply swipe the pad over a clean, dry face and avoid your eyes. You’ll feel a bit of tingling - presumably from the three types of acid involved - but if your skin feels a bit sensitive, rinse off after 3-5 minutes. After a couple of days of application, my skin does feel softer and - in my opinion! - looks a bit glowier, but I do feel like it’s left some residue on my skin. Maybe my skin is more sensitive than I thought!"

Reviewer KA

Score 7/10

4 / 10

Zelens Resurfacing Facial Pads

Price £65

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Feedback "Anything that is designed to be quick and easy skincare already has my vote. These resurfacing facial pads from Zelens are thin exfoliating pads that you can use after cleansing to gently remove dirt and unclog pores, whilst rejuvenating your overall complexion. Infused with a blend of acids they help to resurface the skins texture and help to protect it. It doesn't sting and it leaves the skin feeling very fresh and clean.

"After a week of using this I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and firmer in it's texture, however I did come out in a few spots across my forehead. There was only the odd one so I think it was drawing out the impurities from my skin as it was very gentle and didnt aggravate my skin at all when it was applied, so hopefully it will clear up! The biggest downfall here is the price tag. At £65 for 50 pads its a little pricy, however, if it clears my skin, I'm all for it!"

Reviewer SM

Score 8/10

5 / 10

Bare Minerals Intensive Glow Pads Brightening Treatment

Price £34

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Feedback "With any product that’s designed to be quick, clean and convinient, I’m there and volunteering myself as head tester faster than you can say ‘wet wipe’. I love pads and wipes you can use quickly before bed when you don’t feel like undergoing an entire cleansing routine, but it’s important that they work and clear pores effectively otherwise I wake up regretting it in the morning!

"Intensive Glow Pads from Bare Minerals smelt really natural as soon as I opened the pot - a good sign, as I hate any facial products with a synthetic smell. They left my skin feeling smooth and tingly after use, and my face felt really refreshed despite having had a long day. I liked the dual texture of the pads, as it was useful to have one more hard wearing and one smoother side for days when your skin is in need of a little respite.

"The pads infuse skin with potent vitamins and minerals and increase cell turnover to leave it with improved tone, texture and luminosity. Immediatly after use my skin definitely felt refreshed and a lot lighter, and I started to notice a difference long term too with my face looking brighter and clearer after a few days of use. I also tend to suffer from sensitive skin at times, and the pads didn’t irritate my skin or cause any redness - which is always a success!"

Reviewer EJ

Score 8/10

6 / 10

Rodial's Glamoxy 15% Fruit Acid Exfoliating Pads

Price £48

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Feedback "I love exfoliating. The idea of removing impurities and dirt from the skin is something that I find extremely satisfying. It’s even better when you’re able to see the results in front of you (yep, I’m one of those people that closely inspects my pore strips). Rodial’s Glamoxy 15% fruit acid exfoliating pads were created to expose new skin while increasing moisture levels. With a box that guarantees to leave you with a youthful “straight from the spa” glow, I couldn’t resist picking them up to try. And I’m pleased to say that this wonderful pot of fruit-scented pads has become a new skincare saviour.

"Described as an at-home facial peel, each pad has been soaked with Gautline RC, an ingredient that the box explained has been “derived from the ever-lasting youth tree” (sounds like something out of a Disney film, I know, but I went with itt). The pads also contain oxygen-boosting technology, to make skin appear fresher, and AHA, to weaken the bonds that hold dead skin together in order to reveal new skin.

"Rodial recommend using the pads twice daily on clean dry skin – once in the morning and then again in the evening. After cleansing, I gently wiped a pad around my face in circular motions and was shocked (and extremely pleased) by the results. The pad had managed to remove deep dirt that had snuck under the radar of my cleanser and left my skin able the breathe.

"After usage, you can simple throw the pad away and you’re done - saving you the hassle of cleaning up. A couple of days into using them, my dull uneven skin had been diminished and was feeling refreshed and looking a whole lot healthier. They are slightly expensive, with 50 pads used twice a day; they’ll only last for 25 days. But their easy-to-use qualities and impressive results make them worth it."

Reviewer HI

Score 10/10

7 / 10

Radical Skincare Age Defying Exfoliating Pads

Price £65

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Feedback "Having heard quite a lot of buzz around this skincare brand I was eager to give their exfoliating facial pads a go.

"Containing AHA and BHA-multifruit (exfoliants that work to reduce wrinkles and promote collagen), these acid based pads work to gently buff away the upper layer of dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. The anti-aging ingredients are proven to tighten and firm skin, reduce pore size and lines, yet ideally preserve skin's hydration and nourishment. Not to mention the formula on the pads is also enriched with chamomile so it’s perfect for sensitive skin - something I was concerned about as soon as I spotted the word acid on the box.

"Use just once a day and apply all over the face and neck after having cleansed. Little niggle - I wasn’t keen on the slightly pharmaceutical / chemically scent that the pads had, however they were super gentle and did leave my skin feeling tingly fresh. After a few days my skin did feel a little smoother but unfortunately not as ‘glowy’ as was promised. For the amount they’ll set you back I can’t honestly say they’re all that worth it. Sorry to say it folks, but here ends the buzz."

Reviewer KR

Score 3/10

8 / 10

Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disks

Price £52

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Feedback "Thanks to a new breed of pre-moistened exfoliating discs, using grainy scrubs that leave your skin feeling as though it's had a run-in with a scouring pad are now a thing of the past.

"Each of Colbert MD's Intensify Facial Disks uses gentle microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells thereby assisting the skin's natural repair process and adding luminosity to the skin. Within a week of using these nifty disks, I noticed a huge improvement in my complexion. Brighter with a more even tone, this is the kind of easy-breezy results-driven exfoliating I can definitely get on board with."

Reviewer BB

Score 10/10

9 / 10

Nib + Fab Glycolic Fix

Price £12.95

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Feedback "When I took these from the office I doubted how good they could possibly be at this price point. Wasn’t anything containing glycolic acid meant to be vastly expensive? (For the record, Glycolic is an acid that is used by dermatologists to help dislodge dirt and debris from the skin - it is usually prescribed as a course, and isn’t, as many people think when they hear the word acid, something that will burn a hole in the skin). However, I was hugely proven wrong. I have only been using these for just under a week and I think they have significantly improved the texture of my skin. Used, morning and evening post cleansing, my pores look cleaner and my skin, sparklier, and the blemishes that I had developed post holiday have disappeared. When i finish this I'll definitely buy them again."

Reviewer ST

Score 9/10

10 / 10

Origins Modern Friction Instant Brightening Pads

Price £31

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Feedback "These fruit acid and rice bran extract-infused exfoliating pads are not made for sensitive skin - so I was pushing the boundaries a little by giving them a go. When first opening the lid the strong scent put me off slightly but it had almost a medical tinge to it - less scary to me than synthetic fragrances. The pads are fairly thin and are designed to copy the benefits of a glycolic peel, leaving skin fresh, brighter and more even in tone. They’re incredibly easy to use - the face wipe of the exfoliating world, I think they’d please even the busiest of beauty queens.

"They were too strong for my reactive skin, however; the tingle was off-putting (even though the label warned me) and the scratching sensation when I did the patch test left me disappointed that I couldn’t use them, as the end result was better, brighter skin. However, a willing friend played guinea pig and absolutely loved them - though a tad scratchy at first (despite looking perfectly smooth), skin feels like it’s been thoroughy cleaned out afterwards and redness is calmed down, leaving a more even, healthy complexion. The moral of the story? Always read the label - but go for it if you’re not sensitive."

Reviewer JJ

Score 9/10