The Gloss team test out the best lip scrubs in a bid to swap chapped lips for a perfect pout in time for Valentine's Day

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Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Lip Silk

Price: £14.34

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Feedback: “The name of this product doesn't quite fit in with the name of our Gloss Report this week, so I did wonder what to expect in terms of texture. Though Lip Silk is said to be a 'nourishing treatment that helps reduce feathering and soothe cracked and parched lips', it certainly doesn't have the look or feel of a scrub. Everything about this balm-like product is silky smooth. It's incredibly thick, so much so that it's quite a workout for your digits to squeeze it out of the tube on a cold day. It glides on to lips (with a fingertip, there's no applicator) in the same way as a balm and is instantly soothing. I put it on morning and night as instructed, and though there were no grains or exfoliating beads in sight, it somehow made a difference to the chapped lips I'd been sporting since the weather turned. I'm assuming it's down to the skin-shedding salicylic acid, but whatever it is, it does work. That said, it softened the skin and soothed, but I did find myself then pulling at the sore skin (gross) which hadn't been fully removed - resulting in the need for even more lip balm. Not flawless, but a treatment I will keep using in the absence of a more immediately gratifying scrub.”

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 7/10

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

Price: £21.95

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Feedback: “This chic pot of delicate brown sugar crystals gently exfoliates dry lips by buffing away at the flakes. The sugar is quite fine so it is very gentle; great for winter when they are super sore and chapped. The combination of shea butter and jojoba oil helps to moisturise and nourish the skin so as not to dry them out too much. However, I did feel I still needed to add a balm afterwards just so they were moisturised as they quickly felt a little dry. My lips were noticeably more hydrated, feeling soft and smooth even until the next day. What I loved is that it didn’t all fall from my lips as soon as it was applied - it was easy to buff into the skin. The sugar polish also smells amazing, it's like a little pot of sweet treats which is very enticing! A definite winter friend.”

Reviewer: SM

Score: 8/10

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Price: £5.50

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Feedback: “Despite having a sweet tooth, using a mint lip scrub which is made mostly of castor sugar and is intended to be licked off your lips once they've been scrubbed and buffed to softness, isn't exactly appealing. The thought of accidentally consuming the flaky skin you’ve just scrubbed off when licking off the excess scrub is enough to make anyone feel nauseous, surely? To make matters worse, the packaging of the product was rather cheap (minus the cheerful) which was surprising given its £5.50 price tag and while the minty scent was neither enjoyable or offensive I can't say that I had any positive feelings about the scrub itself. Effectively, I ended up rubbing sugar on my lips and then washing it off as I couldn't bear to 'lick of the excess' as a) it tasted like cheap heavily processed sugar b) if I wanted to consume sugar I'd rather eat a cookie. All in all, I'm clearly not a fan. I still stand by my tried and trusted method for sublimely soft lips; apply a great lip balm generously to the lips (Lucas PawPaw Ointment is my hero product), let it sit for 20 seconds and then gently rub your lips with a cotton Q-tip. All signs of chapped, dry lips will disappear and after another small helping of lip balm, you're good to go.”

Reviewer: KB

Score: 0/10

The Body Shop Lip Scuff

Price: £8

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Feedback: “Sleek as this little green bullet may be, the name ‘scuff’ makes me shudder a little. I realise I’m being highly strung and a tad judgemental, but ‘scuffing’ my lips is not something that appeals, even if it does make my lipstick glide on like a dream. Put plainly, lip scuff and I got off to a bad start, and things didn’t improve when we got down to the nitty gritty (or lack thereof - it’s exfoliating power is fairly tame). It smells like Mentos sweets, which is a plus in my books, but on application I found the texture to be tacky and the grains fairly inefficient when it came to buffing off dry skin. While it removed a surface layer (it’s January- there’s a lot of work to be done here), it didn’t really do the job and wiping the product off with tissue as advised left me with little bits of Kleenex on my lips, which somewhat defeats the object of removing flaky skin. There was quite a bit of residue left on the bullet itself which grossed me out slightly (yes, okay, I’m a sensitive soul), and somehow I felt that it’s ‘scuffing’ wasn’t quite complete. On a positive note, my lips no longer felt dry - just a bit sticky. I think it’s fair to say I’m a grainy scrub type of girl through and through.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 3/10

Sara Happ Sparkling Peach Lip Scrub

Price: £19.00

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Feedback: “I was really quite smitten with Sara Happ’s Sparkling Peach Lip Scrub. Made from finely grounded sugar crystals, jojoba and grapeseed oil It works wonders for revamping flakey, chapped lips. Formulated with a considerably grainy and rough texture this scrub does all the hard work of exfoliating for you. While it may feel a little oily at first, rest assured it does dry out - best served with a generous helping of lip balm afterwards.

“Suffering from a bad case of wintery, parched lips myself, this scrub did wonders even after my first use. With just a couple of swoopes and swipes over my mouth (resist licking it off - it smells like peach pie!) I was left with the softest most supple lips I think I’ve ever had - I know, a big claim. This is definitely going down as one of my new must-haves for winter.

“To top it all off it comes packaged in a delicate and elegant nude-pink box sealed with a bow that would make a gorgeous present - however, it’s so nice I’d probably recommend keeping it for yourself!”

Reviewer: KR

Score: 10/10

Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-Matic Lip-Perfecting System

Price: £34

Buy online:

Feedback: “Just like my toothbrush and exfoliator have made the transition from manual to electric, my trusty pot of lip scrub has now followed suit and been given a modern update of its own thanks to this clever device.

“With the current cold snap wreaking havoc on my lips, my balm alone hasn’t been enough to help them withstand the elements. However, with this touch of futuristic gadgetry now at hand, they’ve never felt so soft. Designed to be used with the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub included in the kit, the duo has proven to be a formidable force for fixing all manner of flakes and dryness, leaving them smoother, plumper and surprisingly hydrated too. With an extra polishing head included as well to replace the original after three months of use, it’s definitely worth the investment in my opinion for providing an amped up dose of exfoliation to your beauty regime to keep lips looking their best no matter the season.”

Reviewer: AM

Score: 10/10