The Gloss Report: Neck cream reviews

17 April 2016
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The Gloss Report: Neck Cream Reviews

We moisturise our face, hydrate our hair and slather body cream all over our, well, bodies - so why are our necks often overlooked? We're the first to admit that maybe we've been neglecting our skincare regime on the neck front - but not anymore.

To help you on your mission to find a neck cream that lifts, tightens, chisels and overall, actually works, we've tried and tested some cult favourites and the latest to be added to the market. Click through the gallery to see which were our top picks...

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Sisley Neck Cream with Botanical Extracts

Price: £101

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Feedback: “I have to admit, I've not used a neck cream before and it's probably something I've been neglecting. I'm only 22, and so never quite imagined doing a neck cream review (just yet anyway), so this is more along the lines of a preventative and precautionary step over anything else. However, as my skin can be super dry and dehydrated, I've welcomed this extra step of hydration with open arms - it is always needed!

“The Sisley Neck Cream is super hydrating and sinks in quickly to the skin without leaving any nasty residue. The cream leaves the skin feeling firmer, smoother and substantially more hydrated than before - without the need for any extra hydration afterwards which is a great thing for my dehydrated skin. As my skin can sometimes be a little bit on the sensitive side though, I do alternate this with my go-to sensitive-skin-day moisturiser as I find that this doesn't go down too well on those days... That aside, this hydrates my neck perfectly and feels like an added step of luxury on the other days, so it very much makes up for it.”

Reviewer: LP

Rating: 7/10

3 / 7

Clinique CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream

Price: £80

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Feedback: “I’ll be honest - I’m terrible at bothering to moisturise much further than my chin. It’s part laziness, part not wanting to use up my face cream any faster than I already do. However, I also fear the dreaded turkey neck and crinkly décolletage and refuse to spend middle-aged life in a roll neck, so I was more than willing to give this a go. Clinique’s CX range is fragrance-free as per the brand’s ethos (big tick from sensitive-skinned me for that) and this moisturiser is delightfully rich and creamy - richer than I would use on my face, which helped to justify using a separate product in my routine. The soft, whipped consistency of this product made it much less of a chore; it spread really easily and a little went a long way. It contains useful anti-agers such as glycerin and antioxidants, although it’s packaged in a jar, which can mean the ingredients will deteriorate once opened. It also lacks SPF, so I used it more as a soother in the evening than as a protector in the daytime.

“All in all I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin, other than that it felt and looked softer and generally in better condition - which isn’t surprising given that I was barely moisturising the area beforehand. Using a specific, targeted neck cream ensured that I made the effort, which I’m sure my skin will thank me for with age. However, at £80 a pop and without a huge visible difference I’d be hesitant to buy it again.”

Reviewer: JJ

Rating: 6/10

4 / 7

Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Price: £52

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Feedback: “I’ve always been hugely dubious about neck creams and their claims to tighten and chisel a slackening jawline. However in the past few months, a whole roster of new neck creams have hit the market - it’s now officially a ‘trend.’ Is it more fad or fact though? Intrigued, I enlisted the help of my mum (aka Mama Muttu as I’ll be referring to her going forward) to see if it was something worth investing in.

“The results? Mama Muttu was pleasantly surprised. After about 2 weeks of use, her neck was left feeling firmer and tighter and her skin - super soft. She pointed out though that patience is key - don’t expect immediate results. Helping to both protect the delicate neck and décolleté areas from environmental stress and also offset the effects of gravity, it’s proven to be quite revelation in the Muttucumaru household. I don’t think I’ll be getting it back any time soon!”

Reviewer: AM

Rating: 9/10

5 / 7

Clarins Super Restorative Neck and Décolette Concentrate

Price: £57

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Feedback: "As a 50 year old with a busy life, I am always looking for anything to hide the array of wrinkles that seem to appear daily! I always forget about my neck area, just instead focusing on moisturising my face and body - so I actually don't mind adding an extra step to my routine for this reason. The Clarins neck cream is such a delight; a multi-purpose product that is smooth, non-greasy and soaks effortlessly into my skin. Aiming to reduce the signs of ageing, even out pigmentation and reduce any red, patchy parts of skin, the non-oily concentrated texture completely soothes and evens out my skin. At £57 it is definitely over my budget for just my neck and décolletage and yes it's never going to rid me of my wrinkles completely, but it's definitely smoothing and tightening the surface - a little treat I don't mind investing in."

Reviewer: KM

Rating: 10/10

6 / 7

ELEMIS Pro Collagen Neck & Décolleté Balm

Price: £49

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Feedback: “The ELEMIS Pro Collagen range is a staple of so many women I know, whether they work in the beauty industry or not, so any new innovation by the Pro Collagen crack team is always a top testing priority. I’ve been marinating in this neck and boob cream (let’s not beat around the bush here) for a good few months now and marvelling most mornings at the fact that ELEMIS manage to combine such light, silken textures with hardcore hydrating and smoothing power.”

“In the same way that the Pro Collagen Marine Cream sinks in at lightening speed and makes skin look healthy, rather than greasy, so this balm (it actually feels more like a serum) doesn’t leave your chest sticky or smothered; it takes seconds to apply and absorb which makes adding yet another another stage to my skincare routine less taxing. Once applied, the neck and chest definitely feel less rough, not to mention look more plumped out (in a good way), but seeing as I’m 28 years young I have to say that crinkles and the effects of gravity haven’t hit home just yet. On that account, it’s hard to put the visible anti-ageing claims to the test (reduced appearance of crepiness and fine lines), but the difference that a fairly small amount makes to the look and feel of a greyish neck and slightly spotty chest are big enough incentives to keep me using it. It’ll be interesting to see how the years treat my bust with continual use...”

Reviewer: AH

Rating: 10/10, although I’d bring the original marine cream down to my neck and chest and hope for a similar effect if I were strapped for cash.

7 / 7

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Neck & Decollete Cream

Price: £50

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Feedback: “I’m relieved to say that “neck skin” doesn’t (yet) feature in my daily list of skincare complaints.  This may be down to the fact that I actually do moisturise this area as often as I do my face - though admittedly not as thoroughly and usually just with my regular face cream.  Nevertheless, I was keen to try out this dedicated Dr Hauschka cream, which aims to regenerate neck and decollete skin - so have been applying liberally for some time now.  The cream itself is a treat to touch - almost clay-like with a really gentle scent.  It absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a welcome trail of softness in its wake - which is likely down to the rich mix of plant oils contained in the formula (not to mention the marsh mallow and birch extract)!  Whist I haven’t noticed any significant changes in the firmness of my skin in this area - as it thankfully wasn’t sagging in the first place - I would rate this product as a sound (but pricey) insurance policy for future wrinkling.

Reviewer: GB

Rating: 7/10