Kiehl's is offering 25% off sitewide; these are the anti-ageing heroes on our shopping list this year

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There’s nothing quite as exciting on Black Friday as learning one of your favourite brands is offering serious savings and  Kiehl’s  is ticking that box this year. We’re not talking 10 per cent off specific site sections; Kiehl’s is offering 25 per cent off sitewide, with no minimum spend.

So what to buy? In a time where everything feels like it’s in turmoil, we’re turning back to tried, tested and loved products and there are two from Kiehl’s that fit this bill that we’re extra excited to be adding to our baskets.

Firstly, the  Ultra Facial Cream , normally £26, £19.50 for Black Friday. Ten pots of this moisturiser are sold every minute globally, and one finger swirled in the tub is enough to see why. It’s loaded with lipid-rich olive-derived  squalane  for a mammoth moisture-boost and is clinically proven to help the skin’s moisture barrier recover 55 per cent quicker than normal, even in dry conditions such when the central heating is blasting. It leaves skin soft, comforted and plump with hydration and comes in an SPF 30 formula too for sun protection even in the depths of winter.

Our second Black Friday buy is the  Super Multi-Corrective Cream , normally £58, £43.50 for Black Friday; 96 per cent of testers said they noticed visible anti-ageing results after a 12 week trial period. It works hard to diminish the seven key visible signs of ageing including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven tone and texture. See below for before and after picture of one Kiehl's team member's impressive results after six weeks using the cream.

Why to buy now

Now is the perfect time to add these two hero products into your routine; they’re both renowned for restoring the  skin barrier  which is particularly compromised at this time of year due to multiple aggressors it has to contend with and fight off: cold weather, central heating (WFH!) and the friction from a mask. The skin barrier function is composed of lipids and water which together form a “wall” of protection against trans epidermal water loss – i.e. keeps the skin hydrated, happy and healthy and these two iconic products go hand in hand to help the barrier.

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