Keep your summer skin looking happy, healthy and perfectly protected with the newest selection of SPF sensations on the market

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By now, we’re pretty sure you’re well versed in why a good broad-spectrum sunscreen is an absolute must when heading out into the summer sun - not only will it help prevent the signs of premature ageing, but a solid SPF will also help reduce the health risks associated with excess sun  exposure. So, rather than spend time telling you why you should be wearing one we thought it best to dive straight into which new creations you should be wearing instead.

After much trialing and testing what’s become clear is that our  everyday suncreams  are no longer ordinary products, but have started to go beyond the realms of simple SPF protection, and have morphed into multitasking formulas that take on a plethora of problems, ranging from oily skin and irritation to DNA repair and hyperpigmentation.

So, whether you’re likely to be lazing by the pool or bounding up a sweat on the beach, here’s our edit of the latest and greatest sunscreens to address your every niggling need.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Comfort Tinted BB Cream SPF 50

USP: Combines a beautiful base with powerful protection

Double up on both your priming and protection with the latest sun cream from  La-Roche Posay . Lightweight, moisturising and water resistant, the uber high-performing formula of the Anthelios sunscreen (the best UVA protection offered by any brand in the world) has been given a touch of  BB magic  so that skin receives an even base of coverage, while also being kept safe from the sun. Indeed, thanks to this little beauty, lashings of layered beauty products and melting makeup can finally be a thing of the past...

£16.50,  b uy online

Vichy Ideal Soleil Dry Touch SPF 50

USP: Makes shiny, sun-creamed skin a thing of the past

Perfect for those worried about the greasy effects of too much sun cream, Vichy has crafted a lightweight mattifying formula that’s specifically designed for oily or combination skin. Containing elements of hyaluronic acid, glycerin and perlite, this cream works to tackle shine with a rough dry texture, while also helping to hydrate, nourish and offer a broad range of sun protecting properties. With an added water-resistant finish, this multi-purpose product leaves skin looking silky, smooth and gloriously sans sheen.

£16.50,  b uy online

Chanel Sublimage La Protection UV SPF 50

USP: Turns back the clock for youthful looking skin

Taking their sun cream to further-reaching realms, Chanel’s newest SPF sensation not only works to provide a high level of sun protection but also contains a bevy of  anti-ageing  ingredients. Formulated with a specific UV complex that shields against UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and pollution, this extremely lightweight cream also contains the regenerating powers of vanilla planifolia, an ingredient that helps to prevent wrinkles and dark spots caused by too much sun exposure. Preventative and protective, this cream also smells utterly divine - what more could you want from a product?

£80, b uy online

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sport Sun Protection Mist SPF 30

USP: Stays put through blood, sweat and tears

If you tend to be more up and active than beach bed bound then the new sports centred sun cream from Garnier could be the ideal choice for you. Working with a panel of amateur and professional sportspeople, Garnier have produced a new formula that’s designed to beat the challenges faced when working out in the sun - super water resistant, tested at 40 degrees and crafted with porous spheres that absorb sweat and sebum like moisture-wicking fabrics, this cream is the ultimate skincare/sportswear hybrid for summer.

£8.50,  b uy online

Nivea Sun Protect Refresh Spray

USP: Provides a burst of cool refreshment

If a stint in the sun tends to get you all hot and bothered then a spritz of Nivea’s new refreshing spray is just the ticket. Providing immediate UVA and UVB protection, this non-greasy, transparent cream ends all problems of sticky, sweltering sun cream and is formulated to leave a revitalising, cooling effect on the body - water resistant  and fragranced with the classic scent of holiday, a splash of this leaves skin feeling replenished and delightfully tingly all over.

£4.50, b uy online

SUQQU Face Protector Brightup SPF 50

USP: Instils a naturally gorgeous glow

Award-winning Japanese beauty brand SUQQU have added to their existing line of sun protection products with their most advanced (and beautiful) formula to date. A water-based cream, which allows it to be smooth not sticky, this product has been developed with hard-working ingredients such as green tea extract and star fruit leaf extract to keep the skin moisturised, water-soluble collagen to boost skin resilience, as well as flat zinc-oxide to prevent any UVA and UVB rays from harming the skin. If that wasn’t enough, the formula also contains a limited edition pearlescent tint to help give skin a model-esque, summer glow.

£40, b uy online

Bioderma Photoderm Mineral Spray SPF 50

USP: Caters to the sensitive souls

For those who suffer from the problems of  sensitive skin , Bioderma’s latest innovation is sure to put an end to any sun protection problems. Specifically designed for those who suffer from hypersensitive, allergic or intolerant conditions, this spray is free from chemical filters and fragrances, but still guarantees an optimal efficiency thanks to the presence of micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxyne. Easy to apply and jam packed with vitamin E, this cream gently protects also works to prevent the signs of premature ageing. Indeed, this product may be crafted with gentle ingredients, but it sure packs a powerfully protective punch.

£13.50, b uy online

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