We asked 10 male volunteers to share their honest thoughts

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Is he Team Bush, Team Brazilian, Team Barely-there or Team Doesn’t Care? When it comes to men’s preferences in the body hair department, what do they actually want?

While here at GTG we think that you should be as hairy or hair-free as you very well please , we thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if we asked 10 guys for their frank and candid opinions about body hair and their landscaping likes and dislikes. From Brazilians to Hollywoods to ‘laminate flooring’ (yes, that’s a direct quote right there), their answers make for a well, enlightening read on all things top to toe topiary.

Guy, 31

“I tend to find that female hair is the thing most likely to put me off a girl, physically. I suppose my preference would be no hair but if there is, then anything well-groomed is fine. If they're rocking facial hair, that's not a good thing because I'll probably feel emasculated (it took me a month to grow a beard!).

“Bikini line is the most significant for me. Any strays can be really off-putting, but equally I appreciate that keeping the area well kempt sometimes leads to fairly aggressive rashes which is also off-putting. Leg hair and armpit hair (provided it's not massively long or noticeable after a couple of days and it's just light stubble), I'm really not too bothered by and actually find it considerably worse when a girl makes an issue of it.”

Pete, 29

“As long as the lawn’s manicured, it’s all good! A bit of hair’s fine, provided it doesn’t go into unkempt bush territory...”

Amit, 26

“I’m not very hairy for a man (except on my head!) so my preference is for women I’m dating to not have hair from the eyebrows down. I see body hair as a masculine feature, so I am more attracted to someone who has less hair (otherwise this would challenge my manly feature of having body hair!). There is a common cliché of the carpet matching the curtains, but I’d rather she has laminate flooring!

“On the other hand, there are more qualities to a woman and her body hair is one small aspect. It can be equally attractive for a woman to be au naturel and be confident enough to not conform to opinions and trends in society and glossy magazines. How a woman displays herself around her private parts is entirely up to her and (maybe) her partner. Who else’s business is it anyway?”

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Joe, 32

“Who’s into bush?? *puzzled face* I’d say sex feels better when there isn’t any hair, so I’m more of a fan of the smooth look because of that fact alone.”

Aryan, 26

“I prefer girls that aren't hairy and I like it when they get their arms and legs waxed and eyebrows threaded in particular. Waxing is definitely my preferred method of hair removal as it totally removes all of the hair and leaves a girl's skin feeling silky smooth. As for ‘downstairs,’ I think it's all about a Brazilian.”

Chris, 30

“I prefer girls to be waxed all over - ideally no hair below the eyebrows. Shallow as it may be, facial hair on a girl can be really off-putting. I have and keep my body hair in check, so I expect my partner to do the same. I love when my wife gets a Hollywood, and her legs feel so soft without hair - I actually pay for her waxing as it’s so important to me!”

Harry, 31

“Grooming is just as taxing for men. As someone who has excessive hair myself, making sure you don’t look like a Neanderthal when you go swimming is a real issue. Do you/don’t you shave your chest, how low should you go if you choose to, how do you reach your back and should you enrol your significant other to help you out? I tried waxing once...once was once too many! On women however, it's my biggest turnoff. Don’t mind some hair as long as it is kept neat and tidy. You can use wax or shave, just as long as I don’t have to look at it...”

Patrick, 29

“I guess I like something there, like a line or runway type thing. I prefer a bit of hair because otherwise it’s too childlike. Ultimately though, I don’t really care that much - if a woman’s hot, I’ll get down and dirty whatever’s going on down there!”

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Raj, 25

"I don't like girls with moustaches (just like they don't like mine!) - I can't handle being tickled by her fur when we kiss. It's her choice if she doesn't want to shave or wax it but if we go out and I notice it, I'll be ordering a Flaming Sambuca for her to act as a subtle hint for helping things along!"

Christian, 34

“I prefer tidy and neat but not overly tendered when it comes to body hair. I would say that the bikini line needs to be well looked after though. Strays popping out or over aren't a great look. The rest doesn't need to be clean shaven every single day at all, but just well looked after. Or whatever really. There actually shouldn't be a norm. If a girl is comfortable, that usually shows and that's enough.”

Are men's preferences when it comes to female body hair causing women to adjust their hair removal routines to suit? Not at all. In fact, we're glad to report that a body hair backlash is on the horizon.... read more about the comeback here .