A simple sweep of this luscious night cream will hydrate, anti-age, nourish and brighten your skin overnight - it's the skincare hybrid we've always dreamed of

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Here in GTG HQ we’ve long been fans of NARS cosmetics innovative range of brilliant beauty products and masterful makeup. Their skincare however, is something we were less familiar with but equally eager to try. After all, if it’s anywhere near as hard working and perfectly put together as their existing beauty creations, then we’re sure to be their biggest new fans.

First on our list to test was the  NARSskin Restorative Night Treatment , £65 - a night cream that promises to replenish dull, dry skin for a smoother and overall more renewed complexion by morning. And, we’re happy to report that this little wonder truly does.

Using a new, innovative formula, the cream appears in the pot as a flesh coloured gel that quickly melts into a lightweight, seamless oil on application - which simple as it may look, actually conducts four major areas of skin preservation.

Firstly, the ‘Advanced Gel Matrix Technology’ creates a thin veil over skin that works to lock in moisture, nourish the complexion and pack in a whopping 146% boost to your skin's hydration.

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Next, the added blend of natural almond, plum and rice bran oils - all of which are brimming with essential fatty acids and nourishing omegas - help to reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier, while a touch of Alaria reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly, NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex features a blend of ingredients that acts like a spring clean for skin, leaving you awakening with a fresher, brighter and more brilliant visage.

If that wasn’t enough, it also smells divine and leaves skin plump and primed, ready for flawless makeup application come morning - what’s not to love?

NARSskin Restorative Night Treatment, £65,  buy online

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