With their first cream formula, Votary are targeting sensitive and dehydrated skin - but how well does it work? Sarah McGinnis reviews the Super Seed Nutrient Cream

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The newest skincare superhero on the block to ease sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin this winter? Enter British skincare brand Votary, who have leaped straight into the new year with their latest addition to the popular Super Seed range, with their Nutrient Cream , £65. With only face and body oils under their belt so far, this is the first cream-based product from the brand; designed to work in tandem with your facial oil, it's rich in texture, providing deep hydration and nourishment to your skin barrier so that dry and irritated skin  can recover.

The mastermind behind the brand and Votary's co-founder Arabella Preston  says, “Sometimes my skin needs additional protection from the elements. When it's dry or irritated I layer Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream over my facial oil to deeply nourish my skin and to seal in precious moisture."

At £65, it's a lot to cough up for. So is it just another laborious step to remember in our routine, or is it worth the investment? Over the past couple of weeks I've had every bit of dryness, flakiness and redness thrown at my sore and sensitive skin, all while battling a winter virus. It's not been rosy in the skincare department, but it was the perfect time to throw this new cream straight into the deep end - here’s the lowdown.

What does it do?

Boosted with 21 richly nourishing super seed oils, including chia, rosehip and poppy seed, the rich formula works to restore vitality to your skin - perfect for the post-Christmas binge when proper skincare routines may have fallen by the wayside. By massaging the cream in after applying oil, it traps the goodness of the ingredients to help repair damaged skin.

Lightweight yet powerful, it’s protective, too - it creates an extra barrier between your skin and environmental aggressors in order to help protect, soothe and nourish. With its all-natural ingredients and no silicones in sight, it makes a great base for makeup, with a smooth matte finish.

Who is it for?

Fragrance-free and with a calming formula, this cream is ideal if your skin is feeling oversensitive, or if you have sensitive skin generally; its ingredients also help to soothe redness and inflammation. See it as an extra defence from the cold as well as a gentle way to coax your skin back to full strength if it’s feeling more fragile than usual.

The verdict

Quite frankly, it’s bloody brilliant. Although thicker and far richer than my usual go-to moisturiser, this cream is effective in treating irritated skin - in just two days of use my raw skin was already showing signs of healing, with flakiness disappearing altogether. It lasts well through the day, too; usually I’d be topping up my standard day cream at lunchtime to keep dryness at bay but this kept me moisturised right through to my evening cleansing routine.

Best of all, my skin looks and feels more hydrated than ever. It's Votary’s first entrance into the cream department, so let’s just hope this is a very exciting beginning of more things to come...

Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream is £65 and  available to buy now