Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer has been busy with Botanic Lab, and the result is as groundbreaking as it is good for you…

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Given that our collagen production declines as we age ( after the first five years of menopause we lose roughly 30% ), topping up on the skin plumping, hair smoothing and blood sugar balancing protein could very well restore your natural radiance and lustre, not to mention youthful energy. There are lotions and potions that can work to stimulate collagen synthesis, but a fresh to the market innovation devised and blended by leading nutritional light Amelia Freer  and her favoured juice brand Botanic Lab   is blazing a trail for effective, nourishing cold-pressed collagen. Prepare to Shine…

The very first organic, cold-pressed ‘restorative’ with hydrolysed (read: absorbable) collagen, Shine draws on the wisdom of Chinese medicine, evidence of Western science and skill of expert tastemakers to deliver a concentrate of inner (and outer) beauty. With a base of schisandra berry, highly prized in the East for its respiratory and cleansing benefits, not to mention hair, skin and even libido enhancing properties, Shine took months to develop due to the berry’s unusual flavour. When fused with fresh ginger and well balanced spices, however, the juice came into its own (think floral, fruity and woody).

Anti-inflammatory and rich in amino acids, where anti-ageing is concerned, collagen is a front runner. Not only does it slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream, it also supports digestive health by optimising gastric acid secretion, which in turn helps to maintain the health of the stomach lining. Given that  our gut is as fundamental to our wellbeing as our brain , collagen is quite the hero protein, and as such Shine has the potential to make us beam with better health all round when incorporated into a wholesome diet ( Amelia can help you out there ). It’s been months in the making, but then it’s not your average shop bought juice. We haven’t been this excited about a beverage since the Aperol spritz became a thing; Shine to go please.

Shine is available from  the Botanic Lab website  here , £60 for 8 250 ml bottles

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