L’Occitane’s Verveine ICY Body Shower Gel seeks to mix up our shower routines and provide a new way to beat the heat this summer too

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From moisturisers that can be applied on wet skin  to conditioners that are applied before shampooing, the beauty industry’s provided us with a wide range of curveballs to shake up our in-shower routines. And, thanks to L’Occitane, it’s given us one more, a shower gel that can be used on dry skin before showering.

Its new Verveine ICY Body Shower Gel is a product first for the brand and as well as offering a point of difference in terms of application, it also claims to provide an ice-cube effect too - a quality that sounded particularly appealing during this especially hot time of year. How does it scrub up? We put it to the test to find out.

Who’s it for?

Those looking for an extra icy blast on especially hot days. Those with sensitive and irritation-prone skin types may prefer to steer clear though due to its combination of sodium laureth sulphate , menthol and fragrance which could very well leave you feeling more stressed than soothed.

How do you use it?

Apply to dry skin before you step into the shower and apply a dash of water to work it into a lather (and to release its grapefruit and lemon verbena fragrance). Then rinse off. Its gel-like texture applies evenly and smoothly, much like a traditional shower gel does.

The verdict?

From its instant cooling effect to its uplifting fragrance, this new shower gel certainly provides a more invigorating cleanse than other body washes on the market. Sure, you could just stand under a cold shower for a couple of minutes instead, but there’s something quite soothing about massaging it into tired muscles after a scorching day - even more so after a sweaty workout.

Skin was left feeling refreshed and surprisingly clean. At £16 though, it’s quite steep for a shower gel (I’d be more inclined to spend that money on skincare rather than watch it wash down the drain). However, if you’re looking for a shower gel swap to help give both skin and senses a kickstart say, after a hot and humid night or a gruelling workout class, this could be well worth popping on your bathroom shelf or in your gym bag.

L’Occitane Verveine ICY Body Shower Gel is £16 for 250ml and will be available in store and online from the 5th of July.