Beauty editor Bella Blissett tries this new K-beauty import for all skin types and issues and leaves 'looking and feeling better than I ever have after a treatment'. Here's why...

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Dr Elisabeth Dancey of Bijoux MediSpa  in London's Victoria has long been my go-to for expert skin solutions. In fact, the Mandelic Peel (£140 for 20 minutes) courtesy of therapist Fay, is my Holy Grail to achieving a year-round glow and tackling my pigmentation problems.

On my last visit, Elizabeth introduced me to her latest discovery which is totally new to these shores, the Korean H2 facial (£100 for 45 minutes). This high tech facial uses the latest Korean machinery and involves four different stages to deliver multiple skin benefits. These range from a deep (deep) cleanse, hydration, a reduction in the appearance of pores, exfoliation, galvanic lifting, and a brightening vitamin C infusion. As the mighty multitasker of speedy facials, all this is achieved in 30 to 45 minutes.

According to Dr Dancey, it's the only gentle medical treatment that claims to stabilise skin pH and normalise the skin microflora. "It has been used in Korea for five years, " she tells me. Koreans tend to have very sensitive skins and suffer from pigmentation and this treatment tackles both. "It uses hydrogenated water as a cleansing, treating and antioxidant agent. Hydrogen is a very powerful antioxidant. When dissolved in water it neutralises free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing and skin pigmentation," she says. It requires absolutely zero downtime.

What’s it like?

The difference between this and other machinery-led facials is that the star ingredient is hydrogen, which has been proven to have powerful antioxidant properties. So powerful that studies by the Nippon Medical School in Japan have shown that it may assist in the treatment of diseases associated with excessive oxidative stress, such as cancer.

Firstly, the wand-like applicator is used to apply hydrogen-rich water in micro-jets that cleanse and “aspirate” the skin, in a kind of suction action. Make no mistake: this treatment isn't painful. Nevertheless, as it feels a little like a frog is springing and suctioning its way over your face – it's not relaxing either.

After the hydrogen jets have delivered essential antioxidants and hydration to the skin, glycolic and salicylic acids are applied and removed to exfoliate the upper layer then reduce the appearance of pores, while balancing sebum production for those who suffer from breakouts.

Step three and the wand is used to deliver a vitamin C infusion into your newly cleansed skin to normalize the pH, brighten and maximise your glow.

Finally, Fay applied a hyaluronic acid sheet mask from Aestheticare, before using a galvanic roller over my face to contour, sculpt, increase lymphatic drainage and create a lifting effect. After 25 minutes of suctioning and infusing, this bit's so relaxing you could easily squeeze in a quick 10-minute catnap.

The results:

Tester pictures supplied by Bijoux Medispa

Put simply, brilliant. I left this facial looking and feeling better than I ever have after a treatment. My skin felt squeaky clean, as though Like someone really had been vacuuming out more pores, making it ideal for sweaty summers and anyone exposed to city pollution on a daily basis. It's even suitable for those experiencing mild rosacea, as it helps clear the skin of the Demodex mite, that’s associated with the condition.

For the next few days, my skin remained glowing, juicy, plump and post-spa-like. However you’d like to refer to it, this treatment gets the absolute best out of your skin, making it a must before an event or your wedding. I will also be booking back in again during the depths of winter when my skin is tired, grey – and needs a super boost.

The Korean H2 facial costs £100 for 45 minutes. For more information and booking, visit

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