Dr Lipp's Miracle Balm is the tube to reach for, no matter what your skin type or dry skin emergency

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We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that a nipple balm? Why yes, knowledgeable reader, the original Dr Lipp product was in fact created for breastfeeding women, but what mother or indeed modern woman doesn’t love a multitasker? Exactly.

People soon cottoned on to the skincare hero’s versatility and it is now a global cult beauty buy, picked for its supreme healing abilities on anything from sore nipples to dry cuticles, burns and even split ends.

Fragrance free and made from 100 per cent pure medical grade Lanolin, Dr Lipp’s Miracle Balm is a nourishing, hydrating salve for all skin types from newborns to the elderly, and as the cold weather creeps in now’s the time to pop one in your handbag for all manner of dry skin emergencies.

Despite its thick and balmy texture, it feels surprisingly light to the touch and there’s none of the stickiness that you’d expect from something so rich. Our top tip? Use it as a base for your lipstick for a flawless finish.

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