Forget frivolous makeup, March is all about active ingredients for you savvy skincare shoppers. Vitamin C, PHAs and hyaluronic acid all made their way into your bathroom cabinets. You also stocked up on supplements and leg-lengthening trousers

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For a moment there, we could have sworn it was spring. The lighter nights and positively pleasant temperatures saw us kicking off our winter boots and bearing an ankle – or two. Which would explain the growing interest in versatile, but oh-so-comfy casual trousers. Naturally, the whisperings of warmer weather also served to remind us that it will soon be time to ditch the full coverage foundations in favour of naturally glowing skin. Turning to heavyweight skin perfectors to get us back on track, it seems hyaluronic acid, vitamin C  and exfoliating essentials have been on your hit list too. Here's what you've been loving this past fortnight.

H&M Knitted Wrapover Top, £19.99

We all know the golden rule of trans-seasonal dressing in Britain is layering, but rather than reaching for your comfiest jumper, go chic and channel your inner ballerina with this rib knit wrap. Wear it alone, drape it over a cami or pop it on over a polo neck when you need to feel super snug. In a go-with-every-outfit olive green, it’s a much-needed upgrade on the classic black cardigan.

M&S Collection Side Stripe Tapered Leg Trousers, £35

You're fully aware that we’re big fans of the leg-lengthening side stripe . Figure-flattering, fashionable without being try-hard and giving a nod to the athleisure trend that shows no signs of waning, M&S’s version was made for classic white T-shirts and pumps. Slip on a leather jacket and you’ll have nailed the new way to wear smart casual.

Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads, £65

Acids can be a minefield; especially when it comes to the amount you need to use and how often you should be using them. Which is probably why these pre-soaked (eco-friendly) pads of joy remain a bestseller. A daily dose of everything you need to exfoliate the skin, they loosen dead cells that cause any dulling, boost elasticity on a deeper level for great bounceback (read: radiance) and reduce inflammation caused by spots and sensitivity. The fact they use PHA acids  rather than AHAs so they’re a-OK for sensitive skin makes them a no-brainer.

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Make Up Remover, £15.99

One of the original ‘jelly’ textures to land in the UK back in 2015, this gentle jelly cleanser  is still going strong. Probably because no matter how much makeup you’re wearing, it will dissolve everything from waterproof mascara to long-wear matte lip stains without you having to rub, scrub and tug at your best bits. Apply it dry then add water to activate the magic formula and – ta-dah! – your face becomes star of the show in a very clever disappearing act.

Mi nt Velvet Stephanie Leopard Print Capri, £79

What’s that you say? Another side stripe? Absolutely, except this one turns the trend on its head and rather than a jazzy go-faster on a plain background, this is a simple black line on a khaki green leopard print. A smart, tapered trouser that suits strappy stilettos as much as your trusty Stan Smiths, these are fast becoming a go-to for days when you have after-work commitments where you need to look like you’ve made a bit of an effort at least.

Garden of Wisdom Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid, £10

There’s a trend for products’ spelling out their credentials on the packaging (The Ordinary, The Inkey List  etc) and Garden of Wisdom is no different. They’re also offering the same affordable prices. Win-win. This particular product is an antioxidant powerhouse thanks to the double act of vitamin C and ferulic acid which ensures skin stays protected from free radicals that cause pigmentation, ageing and sun damage .  No wonder the skin junkies on Reddit love it .

Victoria Health Hyaluronic Acid Capsules High Strength, £35

Our supplements stash is mushrooming and latest to join the line up of pills and powders we need to be ingesting is hyaluronic acid . Yes, the mega moisturiser isn’t just getting hype for helping our skin hold onto water, apparently swallowing a couple of capsules can rid us of creaky joints and dry eyes, too. It’s a TBC on whether it will rid us of DOMS yet but if it makes our cartilage more cushiony, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t, right?

Mineral BioSciences IoniCell For Women, £20

Why stop at hyaluronic acid? You clearly aren’t because another supplement - IonicCell - is flying off the shelves, for those of you wanting a boost for hair growth, skin and nails. A mineral-rich formula, the hot topic here is fulvic acid. Highly bioavailable, which means our cells lap it up like a cat who got the cream, it can get to work on our insides quick sharp. Protecting against cellular damage, feeding cells’ nutrients and energy and leeching away heavy metals from pollutants, it’s a bit like putting your skin, nails and hair on charge. After a while, they’ll start functioning properly again as well as looking far more fabulous.

QRxLabs Eye Reboot Serum, £12

Tell someone you work in beauty and as well as wanting to know the best mascara and foundation, it’s eye cream  that gets the most airtime. While the jury’s still out on whether they work or not (even half the derm’s we speak to are on the fence), when we do put in the effort, we opt for formulas full of caffeine to reduce puffiness, niacinamide  to fade away dark circles and hyaluronic acid to plump out fine lines. FYI, this contains all three.

The Good Menopause Guide by Liz Earle, £7.99

Last week on International Women’s Day, Liz Earle wrote for us about her experience of Hormone Replacement Therapy.  What followed was a surge in sales for her book, all about the perimenopause and menopause. Putting down on paper what half of the nation, nay world, can expect (and will go through) her science-based, common sense approach clearly resonated with many of you.

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