The Clarisonic Pedi System is the new surefire way to guarantee the most perfectly primed piggies

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When the summer months roll around, our beauty regimes get a seasonal overhaul with a whole host of practices coming into play - tanning, hair removal and the ever-so-tasking process of getting our feet ‘sandal-ready’. Arduous and long-winded, this was our least enjoyable task, that was, until the release of the new Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation System

Adding to their extensive portfolio of elegant devices and optimized formulas, the leaders in scientifically proven sonic technology and skin care, Clarisonic, has come out with yet another revolutionary douzy to make our lives a whole lot easier.

Designed to made to transform overworked heels and toes into beautiful, perfectly primed piggies, this system delivers 10 times smoother feet than is achieved with manual buffing. Indeed, after just two weeks 91% of women reported that their feet felt more rejuvenated and youthful, while 95% saw a significant reduction of rough, dry patches. Additionally, 80% of women felt more confident barefoot after 4 weeks of using the Clarisonic Pedi regime.

Set to change the face of footcare forever, there’s no longer any excuses to keep your trainers on longer than you have to.

Clarisonic Pedi Foot Transformation System, £175,  buy online

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