Sensitive-friendly and organic brand Pai Skincare has created the ultimate serum for red, angry complexions

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When Pai Skincare launches a new product, we sensitive-skinned folk  sit up and take notice. After years of careful research to create the ultimate skin-soothing concoctions, Pai has added two much-needed serums to its offering (one to calm redness, one to target oiliness and blemishes) and the Instant Calm Redness version is a dream for those whose skin flares up at the mere mention of beauty products. 

Formulated with sea aster, a natural ingredient which inhibits the release of the molecules which cause skin to flare, as well as the ever trusted wild oat for its soothing, calming properties, the organic brand has truly excelled itself. "Our Instant Calm Serum was created with a very specific purpose in mind - to help those battling redness and flushing take back control of their skin,” explains Pai’s founder Sarah Brown . "Super-soothing sea aster reduces redness by 27%, while oat keeps skin calm and comfortable.”

Pressing this onto angered, flushed skin has an immediate comforting effect; winter-worn prickly cheeks are quietened and with continued use skin feels more resilient and under control. If your sensitivity displays itself with anger and red rage, negotiate it back to better terms with this new wonder - it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. 

Pai Sea Aster and Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum is £42 and available from