Glow-boosting, travel-friendly and non-greasy, it's easy to see why Repavar’s Active Vitamin C Ampoules are one of the brand’s bestsellers. Are they for you? Here's what you need to know

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These days, you’ll seldom come across an ingredient that has as far-reaching appeal as vitamin C, the skin brightening antioxidant renowned for its protective prowess.

An effective anti-inflammatory that protects skin against free radical damage, helps with uneven skin tone and plays an important role in collagen biosynthesis, all ages can benefit from incorporating it into their regime. It can be a little tricky to know where to start though, however, results-driven skincare brand Repavar has just the solution for taking the guesswork out of it - their hard-working Revitalise Active Vitamin C Ampoules. From their packaging to their potency, they make upping your intake of the active easier than ever.

Here are a few reasons why they're worth adding to your skincare artillery…

They allow for easy layering

Oil-free, their water-like texture absorbs quickly into skin meaning that you’re able to avoid that heavy, gloopy feeling that can often be caused by product overload. I found that they left my skin softer, suppler and plumper but non-greasy too, providing a great base for my makeup.

They’re a great daily product

Potency should be a key consideration when it comes to buying a vitamin C product and, while those containing over 10 to 15 per cent can provide faster results, they can cause skin irritation, especially if you’re new to the active. Containing 5.5 per cent vitamin C (in the form of ascorbic acid), these capsules pack a photoageing defensive punch, but one that is less likely to leave you red-faced (make sure to patch test first though!). Plus, they’re also perfume-free too.

They take the stress out of application

When it comes to application, it’s easy to over or under do it. However, these handy capsules make it simple. Just break the top off, dispense the product into your palms and gently massage onto face, neck and décolleté. Each packet contains 20 ampoules, each with 1.5ml inside - enough to ensure ample coverage. Furthermore, their single-use, secure packaging preserves its properties (vitamin C can get oxidated and lose its efficacy when in contact with the air) and each capsule comes with a protector on the top to keep them safe and prevent them from breaking in your handbag too.

They’re travel-friendly

Talking of packaging, these are among the most portable we’ve come across. If your suitcase often pushes the boundaries of your carrier’s luggage limits, swap bulky bottles for these pint-sized alternatives instead.

Extremely versatile, you can use them as the first step of your makeup routine after cleansing and also as a daily skin treatment before bed too. They're the small but mighty helping hand in the fight against free radical damage - something any city dweller could do with more of these days.

Repavar Active Vitamin C Ampoules, £21 for 20 capsules,  buy yours online here.

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