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Would you use your skincare products to answer your body care needs? If cost wasn’t an issue, then why not - my dry and often overlooked limbs could certainly benefit from the same carefully crafted regime I put my face through. And by way of a further incentive, it’s a trick that Kim Kardashian swears by.

In an interview with , the beauty mogul shared how adopting a top to toe approach is key to making her feel more skin confident. “I always put skincare all over, I think that’s really a necessity; I put it on my legs, my arms,” she said. “You really have to do your neck and your chest. I might not like the scent of something, but if I feel like it’s powerful product I’ll use it all over my body.”

As well as face creams, this also includes more specialist products such as toners and serums. “I’ll just put [them] on my arms, my legs, my stomach—just use it everywhere.”

Considering that she’s already a fan of a particular budget retinol serum , we wonder if the active also features in her body care regime too. At £8 a pop, it’s certainly affordable, but with just 30ml to make use of, it probably wouldn’t get us that far (plus a body’s and month’s worth may just bankrupt us).

That being said though, the lines between skincare and body care are getting progressively blurred. For instance, retinol body creams aren’t seen as the niche category they once were and others formulated with AHAs  and BHAs are starting to grow in number too. Favourites that come to mind are REN’s new AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum , £35, for dry skin and Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging 2% BHA Body Lotion , £26.35, for dry and bumpy skin.

As for using our actual facial skincare products on our body too - nice in theory, perhaps a little tricky in practice. We might have a bit of trouble keeping up with this particular Kardashian on this occasion.