The top 10 scents for him and her

17 November 2014
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Top 10 scents for him and her

Fragrance is so personal, unique and intrinsically linked with experiences and special moments throughout our lives. However, with there being so many different scents to choose from, our senses can become a little overwhelmed at times. So, to help make the process a little easier check out this gallery and , where we’ve whittled it down from a whole world of options into our top five scents for both him and her. All are iconic, classic, exquisitely made fragrances, both old and new. From fresh to floral, smokey to sexy, there's something here to delight everyone.

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Her: Frederic Malle Portrait Of A Lady

In celebration of their 5th anniversary of the Editions de Parfums at Liberty, the legendary perfumer has created a limited edition collection linking classic Frederic Malle fragrances to iconic prints from the Liberty archive.

Conceived and created by Dominique Ropion, this beautifully baroque perfume is named after the Victorian Era novel written by Henry James, which tells the bewitching story of a passionate and spirited young woman, Isabel Archer. A heady mix of roses and spices, this smoky scent combines notes of cinnamon and sandalwood, while a touch of patchouli - a nod to the Victorian fascination with the East - gives it an exotic flair.

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Her: Byredo Parfum Gypsy Water

Drawing on the inner bohemian beauty of all who smell it, we’re continually captivated by the vibrant and woody fragrance of Byredo Gypsy Water.

Fusing fresh Lemon, Pepper and Juniper Berry with amber, vanilla and pine needles, this crisp and musky fragrance immediately conjures scenes of a romantic Romany campfire nestled within the depths of a beautiful forest. Imaging technicolour clothing and a bustling outdoor community, this perfume makes us feel just that little bit closer to nature and to the magical gypsy myth we’ve always dreamed of.

£88, buy online here .

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Her: Escentric Molecules Molecule 1

Taking on a different but consistently alluring form on each wearer, Molecule 01 is a truly one of a kind concoction.

Rumoured to be loved by Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe, this perfume was developed by rising perfumer Geza Shoen and consists of just a single ingredient - Iso E Super, which provides a distinctively woody aroma. Rich and velvety, this perfume comes and goes with varying degrees throughout the day, with many claiming it combines with individual pheromones. As a result this makes for a superbly unique and irresistible combination.

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Her: Caron Parfum Sacre Eau De Parfum

This powerful and intense fragrance is simply perfect for those women who like to make a strong statement by leaving a long and lasting impression with their scent.

Beautifully contained within an Art-Deco style bottle, we’d happily set this perfume amongst our delicate jewellery trinkets, no matter what the contents. As it happens however, this perfume begins with heated spices and peppery notes, before bursting open with essence of rose and jasmine that’s effortlessly elegant. A final layer of musk and vanilla leaves both a decadent and deep finish that creates the most opulent olfactory experience.

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Her: Diptyque L’Eau De Neroli Cologne

Out of all the scents that claim to capture and hold on to the smell of summer, this zesty and sparkly creation from Diptyque is by far the best.

A cologne that’s heavily interlaced with the zing and buzz of flowers on a warm summers day, this perfume contains clean and crisp notes of neroli, orange blossom, white musk and patchouli. Refreshing and sensual, this scent is a pure spirit lifter and a welcome reminder of the dolce vita.

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Him: Creed Aventus Eau De Parfum

Originally launched in 2010 to celebrate Creed’s 250th anniversary, Aventus is the perfect fragrance for the modern man of action - bold, spirited and deliciously confident.

Inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance while riding on horseback to victory, this scent celebrates strength, power, vision and success. Opening with pineapple, blackcurrant and apple this fragrance quickly becomes more peppery with hints of patchouli and birch. The final touches of oakmoss and ambergris help deliver the parfums masculine edge, which has made it so continuously popular.

£175, buy online here .

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Him: Le Labo Santal 33

Inspired by the freedom and masculinity of the lone cowboy in a vintage Marlboro advertisement, Le Labo created Santal 33. A most powerful representation in America, men wanted to be him and women wanted to have him.

Evoking smells of worn leather, crackling open fires and old smoking wood, this scent contains a heady combination of cardamon and iris with Australian cedarwood and violet that make it both subtle and strangely comforting.

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Him: Annick Goutal Les Nuits D’Hadrien Eau De Toilette

Working to capture the ambience of the Mediterranean at night, this Annick Goutal fragrance helps deliver a splash of fresh, suave spice to every man.

Presented in a sleek, elegant bottle with a label inspired by cigar brands, this scent begins with sparkling notes of Sicilian lemon, tangerine and citrus before slowly developing more depth and warmth with hints of Egyptian cumin and basil leaves. The final layer of ylang-ylang and amber helps to create this eau de toilette’s remarkable oriental base. For us, a well dressed man who sips on limoncello springs to mind when we smell this.

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Him: Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza Eau De Cologne

Working to re-interpret and enhance the key notes found in the original Acqua di Parma cult cologne of 1916, this scent is a distinctive and gentlemanly creation that quite frankly makes us a little weak at the knees.

Using only the finest quality natural ingredients, this fragrance is both woody and sharp containing essence of classically fresh Italian citrus and peppery spicy cloves that help deliver a comforting warmth. The dark and demure charcoal casing helps finish off this charming and seductive scent which, quite simply put, is a true Italian stallion.

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Him: Jack Eau De Parfum

Having experienced a life-long love affair with scent, Richard E. Grant along with the help of handbag hero Anya Hindmarch, took it upon himself to design and create his own prize parfum - Jack.

Much like the well-loved actor himself, this scent is quintessentially British and packaged within a perfectly patriotic post-box red carton and vintage style Union Jack bag. The fragrance itself contains a combination of his favourite smells, mixing together hints of lime, marijuana, mandarin, cloves and his ultimate Holy Grail, gardenia. The end result is a citrusy, hypnotic scent that’s both earthy and clean.

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