From at-home lasers to LED masks and heatwave-friendly soothing wands, these are the top global best-sellers according to Net-A-Porter

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At-home facial tools are more sought after than ever, with Net-A-Porter (NAP) reporting a doubling in demand for beauty gadgets since this time last year. According to NAP's Global Beauty Director Newby Hands, the most desired devices are the ones that deliver clinic-worthy results, backed by science.

"There has been a huge shift towards investing in high-tech tools as our customers look to significantly step up their skincare routines and take self-care to a whole new level," says Newby.

People are looking for ways to bring an element of the spa and the dermatologist’s clinic to their own home, according to Newby, and it all started with the L ED treatment trend . "Now we are seeing other technologies and treatments that we previously had in-clinic or in a spa become available to safely do alone in our bathroom, including radiofrequency , dermaplaning , EMS, microneedling  and more," Newby continues.

"We are also definitely feeling more confident and knowledgeable in using these at-home tools and are willing to experiment with the latest devices. They feel safe to use and people are noticing incredible results."

With Net-A-Porter at the cutting edge of gadgets, the site's most popular tools reflect what people are looking for globally. Here are the best-sellers helping you turn your home into a skin sanctuary.

Best for lifting: NuFace Trinity All-in-one Facial Toning Set , £504

This award-winning toning device from NuFace  uses microcurrent to firm and lift the skin. Ensure you're using upward strokes to deliver an uplifting effect and using the conductivity gel primer that comes with this kit.  It also comes with an eye and lip attachment for targeting crow's feet and lip wrinkles , plus an LED head for fine lines. This should be used for five minutes a day for 60 days to see initial results, and then two to three times a week afterwards. It's easy to use; just apply the conductor gel and glide the tool over areas you want to tone.

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Best for the neck and dec: The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Décolletage Bib , £445

LED light therapy  is loved by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Carey Mulligan. It wards off wrinkles, boosts collagen production and increases hydration. This device was designed specifically for the neck and décolletage  and after a year of scrutinising the area on Zoom , it's no surprise this LED mask found its way onto the NAP best-sellers list. If you've used an LED mask before, this is the same; just strap it on for ten minutes and go about your business. You don't feel any heat and you'll barely notice it's on.

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Best for a sagging jawline: Unicskin UnicLED Neck and Chin Mask, £285

Another neck device, we suspect purchases of this were also down to hours staring at ourselves on screen, which draws attention to the lower face (due to the angle our laptops). This tool promises to help contour your jawline and reduce sagging and the appearance of a double chin. You wrap this around your neck like a neckerchief, or around your chin for 20 minutes up to four times a week.

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Best for depuffing: Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set, £95

These decadent gold wands cool your skin for a revitalised complexion. They're simple to use; keep them in the freezer and then glide over your face on top of serum Just a few minutes with these helps to reduce the look of dark circles and pores, plus they take down puffiness. We can think of nothing more lovely right now!

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Best for speed treatments: Dr Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, £430

You might look like a power ranger in this, but we can forgive its space-age appearance. It uses blue and red LED light (blue kills bacteria, red stimulates collagen) to smooth out your skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This only needs to be used for three minutes in the morning and evening, so is great if you're time pressed.

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The best tech-free tool: MZ Skin Germanium Contouring Facial Roller, £59

Less high tech than some of the other best-sellers but no less results-driven, this gold-tone facial roller uses germanium stones that supposedly balance positive and negative ions to help prevent premature ageing. The positioning of them stimulates lymphatic drainage to take down puffiness and increase blood for a more toned complexion. Roll it upwards on your face for 30 to 60 seconds per day.

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Best for pore cleansing: Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner, £132

If extraction is your favourite part of a facial, this is the tool for you. It allows you to get that fresh-from-a-facial feeling at home and get rid of blackheads by literally vacuuming out the debris in your pores. There is a flat metal plate at one end which loosens everything up by warming and vibrating the skin and emitting positively charged ions to entice the dirt from its hiding place. At the other end is a clear extraction nozzle which you use as a vacuum cleaner and which allows you to see all the gunk you've sucked up. Check out our review of the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner  for our thoughts on this best-seller.

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Best tool for pigmentation: Lyma Laser Starter Kit, £2,000

Quite the investment, this laser, which comes with a mist and serum, was created with doctors and scientists to ensure it's safe for home use. It's a cold laser that you glide over the skin, making direct contact but there's no need for goggles and it's safe to use around the orbital bone and the eyes. It has no downtime and is pain-free. It targets wrinkles, pigmentation, thread veins and scars in a matter of weeks after using it every day for 15 minutes with the serum.

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Best for making your skincare work harder: Foreo UFO 2 Device, £249

This nifty hand-held gizmo promises to make your skincare work harder and sink in deeper, with pulsations to invigorate your complexion. It can also be used with one of Foreo's 13 sheet masks. You put the mini sheet inside the UFO, turn it on and sonic pulsations, heat and LED are activated (depending on which mask you use, a linked app tells you what to do). You glide it over your face for facialist-worthy results.  We tried it out for a full week – read our review of the Foreo UFO 2 here .

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Best for brightening: Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Exfoliating Device, £189

Testament to the popularity of this pretty pink tool, it's currently out of stock but is soon to be replenished so keep an eye out. It's designed to recreate the brightening effects of a dermaplaning  facial at home (dermaplaning removes peach fuzz  from your face, leaving your complexion brighter, clearer and creating a better base for makeup). It comes with two skincare formulas to use before and after the tool, to complete the facial feel and is essentially a fancy way to shave your face, with vibrations to soften your complexion as it works.

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