Achieving glowing, super-fresh skin just got a whole lot easier

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To be quite honest, we weren’t all that sure that it was possible for a new facial cleansing tool to compete with existing devices that have recently revolutionised the way we clean our complexions - but the Glossy Posse stand well and truly corrected. Let us introduce you to the Foreo Luna - the skincare saviour creating an absolute storm.

Available in a range of bright and bold colours, this device would probably win the strangest appearance award with it resembling something similar to a small alarm clock or even a shower radio. However, it’s compact (the largest size fits into the palm of your hand), super soft and has the energy of a duracell bunny - one overnight charge has kept this little beauty running for weeks. It’s also a lot more economical than other facial cleansing devices as it doesn’t require any replacement brushes - so even though it carries a fairly hefty price tag it’s most definitely an investment purchase.

How does it work? Well a radically different facial-cleansing and anti-aging device, the LUNA combines sophisticated T-Sonic technology with a soft silicone brush that gives a deep yet gentle cleanse and helps to improve the absorption of skincare products. Flip it over and the softer side of this little device gives off lower-frequency pulsations that work to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Extremely gentle and non-abrasive, it can often feel like it isn’t actually doing much - but it most definitely is. The quiet vibrations are in fact slowly breaking down every layer of makeup and dirt possible, leaving you with more radiant and gorgeously-glowing skin. Simply apply your regular face wash and then massage the Luna in upwards movements over your face and neck. Foreo suggest to use this tool every night, however we’ve found just 2-3 times a week can make all the difference.

Foreo Luna Anti-ageing Skincare Device, £145,  buy online