For hydration, elasticity and bouncy skin, this is the moisturiser you need

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Written in partnership with Antipodes

Antipodes’ Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream , £45, is something of a powerhouse when it comes to moisturiser. Not only does the lightweight formula include  probiotics  to support the  skin barrier , it also has moisture-boosting  hyaluronic acid  for hydrated skin and mamaku black fern, to boost moisture levels even further.

As you’d expect from a product with water in the name, this is weightless and juicy, sinking into thirsty skin at bedtime so you can awake with the dewy skin of your dreams.

We all know about the powers of hyaluronic acid for hydration, but how come Antipodes has added bacteria into the mix?

What do probiotics do in skincare?

The probiotic in Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream is called Kalibiome AGE. It’s made up of bacteria that's been chosen to help repair and replenish the skin whilst you sleep.

How does it work? The good bacteria supports the microflora that naturally occur on the skin, increasing the skin’s natural defences, resulting in a supported skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier means fewer breakouts, less irritation and less redness. Wins all round!

Why do we love the water cream?

Not least because it feels refreshing on our skin in the summer. It increases elasticity and firmness, plus it supports collagen production for a bouncier complexion too. The formula is vegan and it sinks in straight away for an instantly quenched feeling with zero stickiness – exactly what you want before your head hits the pillow.

It soothes redness and rough skin too, for an overall smoother looking face.

We’re not the only ones who love it; it’s been racking up glowing reviews online too, with fans writing: “Often night creams have to be very thick and oily to do their job to moisturise overnight. This one isn’t at all yet feels so moisturising. It makes me feel refreshed and calm,” while another wrote: “I've been using this cream for almost two weeks and my skin is looking so good! I was getting some bumpy skin on my forehead which is clearing up, my skin looks more plump and fresh.”

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