Sarah Vine falls for the organic Beuti Sleep Elixir that has more than one royal fan

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Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved a facial oil – especially at night, whether on its own or added to a cream as a nourishing boost. But, as I have discovered to my cost, not all oils are created equal. Some are cloying and heavy, others are little more than perfumed petroleum, others cause breakouts and build-ups - and many do little more than make your pillow greasy.

Not the Beauty Sleep Elixir from Beuti Skincare, which has just launched in the UK. Its founder is former aesthetician, Leila Aalam and there are only two products in the range (the other is the rather fabulous Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser, £55  which is a 3 in one cleanser, mask and exfoliator.  pomegranate oil-based cleanser).

people keep telling me I look really well which, given that I’ve just seen off a nasty cold, is a minor miracle

Years in the making and born of a lifetime’s expertise, this beautifully balanced, impeccably sourced blend of exquisite oils is not only lightweight and delicately fragrant, it glides onto the skin like the softest of veils, smoothing fine lines and redness along the way. Thanks to its silky texture, a little goes a very long way. At 98 per cent organic and 100 per cent natural, it's also really good value for money, especially when you compare it to other similar quality products on the market: £47 for 30ml.

It’s billed as a night-time product, but actually you can wear it very happily during the day too, and it even works well to smooth and plump skin under make-up. If my skin is feeling especially dry or tight, I’ll add it to my foundation. It really one of those wonderful, multitasking products that suits all skins, young or old, normal or sensitive.

A quick glance at the list of ingredients explains why. This is Mother Nature at her best: 14 plant-based oils, including an anti-inflammatory coral extract from the Caribbean, sandalwood nut kernel oil (to preserve collagen and elastin) plus tried-and-tested favourites including camelia, cherry, strawberry, cranberry, geranium oils and more. A standout ingredient is pomegranate oil, which Aalam rates especially highly as it contains rare omega 5 known as punic acid and has 3 times as many antioxidants as green tea.

The overall aim is to tackle skin inflammation (Aalam decided in part to start Beauti in response to a nasty allergic reaction she developed from an eye cream) caused by a variety of factors including toxic chemicals, sun exposure, pollution, stress and general wear and tear. She calls it anti-inflammageing. And it really does make a difference: it’s not only banished the winter blues from my complexion, people keep telling me I look really well which, given that I’ve just seen off a nasty cold, is a minor miracle.

The Beuti Sleep Elixir also has a secret: it has, I am reliably informed, been spotted in the hands of the Duchess of Cambridge and there is even a suggestion that Meghan Markle, a fan of all things natural, is partial to the odd drop. If this beautiful amber liquid has had any part to play in how incredibly radiant both these women look - despite what must be, for all the pomp and privilege, incredibly stressful lifestyles - then it must truly be a bit of a miracle. 

Buy it now: Beuti Skincare Beuti Sleep Elixir Facial Oil, £47