It's the super-facialist's elixir that Sarah Vine buys on repeat and recommends to friends to fix adult acne. But you don't need problem skin to love Vaishalay's Night Nourisher

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It is the beautiverse’s dirty little secret that many of the people who write about beauty never actually pay for any of the stuff they write about. That is not to say the reviews aren’t honest; just that if one of us is actually prepared to stump up their own hard-earned cash for something, you know it’s extra special.

In my case, the list is fairly short. Kiko make-up , for example: superb colours, lovely textures, great value for money. Hourglass -  a real luxury and a bit of a treat. And when it comes to treatments, there is only one: Vaishalay Patel .

Vaishalay Patel

No one does a facial like Vaishalay. More to the point, there are few so-called ‘superfacialists’ who actually still do their own facials. Despite having her own thriving clinic in Marylebone and a host of meticulously-trained therapists schooled in her own very precise methods, Vaishalay is still as hands-on as she was when she first started out almost two decades ago.

She uses a combination of methods old and new, including microdermabrasion, massage and cranio-sacral therapy, the last of which really has quite a tangible effect. Last time I saw her, she somehow managed to fix a minor hip injury I had incurred during an especially over-zealous Pilates session simply by wiggling my neck.

It’s this holistic approach of hers that produces such tangible and long-lasting results skin-wise: deep hydration, skin brightening, softening of lines and an all-round healthy, clear complexion that generally behaves itself in between appointments.

She also makes her own small range of products of which the standout star is the Night Nourisher. It smells gorgeous, an aromatic blend of chamomile, geranium, Damascene rose, lavender and ylang-ylang. Arctic lingonberry and rosehip seed oils combine to soothe the skin and help lighten age spots, while naturally regenerating soybean and macadamia seed oils restore suppleness, elasticity and natural tone.

It comes in two formulations, one for dry and mature skin, the other for oily and combination, with lemon, bergamot, orange, petitgrain and coriander to help balance the skin. I always recommend this one to friends afflicted by pesky adult acne, since it will treat the underlying problem without drying out the surface of the skin. It has never failed.

But the best news of all, in To Buy For terms, is that both are currently half price (£37.50 instead of £75) from Vaishalay’s website . Hurry while stocks last, as they say.