Turmeric’s health benefits are well documented, but it’s the impact that ‘Indian gold’ has on the skin that’s got us seriously excited…

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What remedies do you reach for when your skin is flagging? Perhaps a tech-heavy moisturiser, a bottle of water or some flattering foundation? All are tried-and-tested ways to make your skin beam, but an equally effective solution could be sitting on a shelf in your local health food shop.

A daily dose of turmeric has proven to be an effective elixir for troubling skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and to prevent premature ageing. The beauty-boosting merits of this bright yellow spice make it far from the latest ‘superfad’; it has been used in Ayurvedic practice on the Indian subcontinent for over 4,000 years.

Now turmeric, or ‘Indian solid gold’ as it is otherwise known, is fast becoming the health-boosting botanical hero ingredient of 2016. You will find hipster cafés whipping up antioxidant turmeric lattes and skincare brands harnessing its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to enrich reparative lotions and potions, however, you don’t need to live in a trendy part of town or use up most of your monthly earnings on a face cream to get some golden goodness into your routine. Wellbeing-focused brands such as Pukka Herbs  are making high quality, easily absorbed turmeric capsules, turmeric tea and turmeric infused muscle oil accessible to us all.

Pukka’s Master Herbalist and co-founder Sebastian Pole  explains that the brand use specialist scientific extraction methods to make turmeric more ‘bioavailable’ than ever. The process ensures that all of the active compounds within the turmeric root are retained and the range is considered one of the most highly potent formulas on the market today, as Sebastian highlights:

"Our whole herb organic extract uses WholisticTM extraction. It’s a three stage method that not only delivers curcumin and amazing essential oils, but also provides the full spectrum of turmeric’s active compounds. It is free from the non-organic toxic residues often found in alternative products. Finally it’s totally environmentally friendly, meaning that it’s a supplement that’s good for you and for the planet. Combining the extracted essential oils with the pure powdered herb, water and alcohol extracts captures the widest possible range of active compounds. Each capsule has 10x the power of turmeric root powder and 1.5x the essential oil content. It’s a key part of what makes Pukka’s turmeric supplements unique.”

If beautiful skin and avoiding disease are high on your priority list, dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, author of Future Proof Your Skin!  , agrees that turmeric is a beneficial element to add to your diet:

"Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its yellow colour, has anti-inflammatory properties.”

"In a study done in human skin fibroblasts, curcumin was confirmed to stimulate cellular antioxidant defenses. Fibroblasts are one of the most important cell types in our skin as they produce our collagen and elastin.”

Naturopathic doctor and holistic health expert Dr Nigma Talib seconds Dr Stefanie’s turmeric endorsement in Reverse The Sign of Ageing :

“It’s my favourite beauty-boosting spice, turmeric's anti-inflammatory powers are second to none, turning back time on the skin.”

“Just as if you cut out a food to which you’re intolerant, you could be amazed at what happens when you start to fight inflammation; problems such as acne and rosacea can reduce, skin tone will improve and problems such as aches and pains and stubborn weight gain that you thought were part and parcel of the ageing process can all start to reverse.”

“Many spices have anti-inflammatory effects in the body - ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper and chilli, for example, can all help fight inflamm-ageing  and you should start adding these liberally to your foods.”

“However, absolutely the most potent spice you can add to your diet is turmeric. My family has been using this spice since I was born for flavouring and it goes in so many dishes- I use it in everything from scrambled eggs to stews and curries. Its curcumin content acts against inflammation in a multitude of ways."

The British Journal of Sports Medicine  has also documented turmeric’s pain-quashing capacity. It reports that local application of turmeric, along with ice massage, decreases swelling and pain post exercise (delayed onset muscle soreness) more efficiently than ice-massage alone.

A soothing rub down with some  Pukka Active 35 Oil , a blend of 35 Ayurvedic herbal extracts, plus supplementing with Turmeric Active , will have you smashing your fitness PBs in no time.

You can't argue with the science.

"It’s been shown to switch off the enzymes needed to produce pro-inflammatory substances, it scavenges free radicals that make inflammation worse and, perhaps most importantly, it acts upon the NF-kappa-B that controls much of the inflammatory cascade," explains Dr Talib.

"It's so powerful that trials have found curcumin reduces a huge variety of inflammatory markers- and that its action on inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis is comparable to painkillers in reducing symptoms, but unlike painkillers, curcumin also helps fight the root cause of the pain.”

So how can you make the most of turmeric’s skin-improving potential?  Ensuring that you’re eating well in general  is a must for the best results, as is regular consumption of turmeric.

Simply incorporate a Pukka capsule or two or open and add Wholistic Turmeric or energising Turmeric LifeKind to your juice or smoothie.

Dr Talib sees the likes of turmeric as ‘a mini dose of medicine’, adding flavour rather heat if you’re chilli or ginger averse. From soups to smoothies to fish cakes and bone broth, Dr Talib’s book is bursting with ideas as to how you can sneak turmeric into your diet, and using it as a ‘superfood power up’ means that everything from porridge to speedy stir fries become fair game for a shot of turmeric.

“Why is turmeric so cool and amazing?" asks Dr Talib. "I can name a long list of turmeric skin benefits: it’s used to treat acne blemishes, blackheads, pigmentation on the skin, eczema and psoriasis. Turmeric is great for dry skin, and will help you slow down the ageing process as it helps soften wrinkles. In India, turmeric has been added to cleansers and creams for years.”

The fact that makeup artistry legend Lisa Eldridge is a fan of Pukka’s capsule and tea range is further indication of the fact that it’s a powerful beautifier, in addition to being a potent health booster. What’s good for the body though, does tend to shine on through the skin, and we’re on our way to becoming bonafide gold diggers.

This feature was written in partnership with  Pukka

Pukka Herbs , known for its organic and ethically traded herbal tea and supplements, have a  100% natural, organic turmeric range available which includes Turmeric Active, Wholistic Turmeric, Turmeric Lifekind and Active 35 oil.