The number of women in their twenties having Botox has increased by 10 per cent year on year. Judy Johnson reports

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Those of us at Gloss towers have a few more frown lines making an appearance thanks to the news that more and more young women are opting for Botox; not just to correct fine lines, but to prevent them too.

A new study by ABC News has revealed that the number of women in their 20s having the anti-ageing injections has increased by 10% in just one year.

"Of the 6.1 million Botox type A injections performed in 2012, almost 100,000 of them were patients in their twenties," the reporter said.

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In the report, ABC News spoke to a Dr Jeanine Downie who admitted she sees a lot of 27 and 28-year-olds, particularly those who have previously tanned a lot or now smoke, every few months to administer the Botox. While she 'prefers' to inject those who are over 30, the dermatologist claimed that the younger you start, the younger looking you will stay.

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While we're all for a nip and a tuck and are constantly impressed by the experts who know how to needle away those fine lines without making you look too 'done' , we can't help but feel that your twenties should be spent enjoying your youth and leaving the worry of worry lines to your later years when they really start to crop up; and if fretting over preventing those lines is what’s causing you to crease then slap on the sunscreen and avoid the sunbeds for guaranteed anti-ageing power.

There's always a fine line where cosmetic treatments are concerned and Dr Downie's methods certainly aren't wholeheartedly supported; the president of the British Association of Plastic Surgeons commented that he refuses to give Botox to women under 30, preferring instead to give them self esteem. Cheesy as it may sound, we couldn't agree more.