Love long-lasting makeup? Then you’ll love Urban Decay’s new Rehab and Meltdown skincare lines. Here’s why

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From its Makeup Setting Sprays to its Naked Finishing Powders to its Vice Liquid Lipsticks , Urban Decay has proven itself to be one of the best beauty brands around when it comes to long-lasting makeup . And, with its latest launch, it’s taking its tech one step further by providing an accompanying assortment of skincare solutions with which to start and end your day with.

Introducing Rehab Makeup Prep and Meltdown Makeup Remover - two new lines designed to prep and polish pre and post-makeup skin. For hydration, exfoliation and creating the perfect base, the four product Rehab range provides the sturdiest of foundations. Its coconut-mint scented Lip Love lip balm , £11, (which smells DIVINE btw) leaves parched pouts feeling noticeably softer and suppler and ready for whatever colour you pop on top.

For troublesome T-zones, its Pore Refining Peel-off mask , £24, provides a satisfyingly visible way for drawing out impurities thanks to its inclusion of sugarcane extract (a natural form of glycolic acid). Simply apply, let it dry for 10 minutes and gently peel off to set up your own web-looking trap for capturing deep-set dirt and grime. The range’s exfoliating  Pretty Gritty Skin Polish powder , £22, for buffing away dull skin woes and aptly water-like textured Hot Springs Hydrating Gel , £22, complete the pre-makeup line-up.

Regarding makeup removal, the Meltdown line looks to provide a trio of powerful yet gentle ways to make morning panda eyes and base-ridden pillowcases a thing of the past. Products include a Dissolving Spray , £23.50, (an impressive makeup eradicating mist that removes the need to rub and tug - hurrah!), portable three-phase Cleansing Oil Stick , £20, and targeted Lip Oil Stick , £11, for removing long-lasting lip products (genius idea).

Practical and cleverly crafted to help keep wear and tear from long-wear makeup to a minimum, these new arrivals sound like a brilliant way to bookend your beauty regime if you ask us.

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