What's more, when you order online the Ayurvedic beauty brand will plant a tree

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Written in partnership with Urban Veda

If you've never tried Ayurvedic skincare brand Urban Veda now is your perfect chance. This Black Friday the brand is offering 30 per cent off everything, with an extra 10 per cent off for GTG readers using the code GTGBF. There will also be an extra 10 per cent off on-site between 24 and 29 November!

Urban Veda's impressive offering comprises everything from cleansers to body scrubs, all with heavenly, soothing scents inspired by age-old herbal remedies.

I've long been a fan of Urban Veda, in fact, back in my early twenties, the brand's Daily Soothing Face Wash, £11.99, was my first proper 'grown-up' skincare buy. As a faithful fan of the brand, I was interested to learn of their (seriously impressive) sustainability efforts.

Not only are they planting a tree for every online order placed from now on, they've just become a carbon negative workforce. What does that mean? The brand calculated every employee's annual greenhouse gas emissions (taking into account their diet, transport usage etc.) to work out each employee's annual carbon footprint, before offsetting them all (by planting trees) to make them carbon neutral. They then added an extra 20 per cent offsetting to make them carbon negative! They've also introduced carbon neutral shipping. Like I said, seriously impressive.

If you want to get on board with Urban Veda's initiative, here's what we recommend buying from the brand.

For calming skin: Daily Soothing Face Wash, £11.99

If my skin is playing up, I always turn back to this. It calms the skin as you cleanse with sandalwood and ylang-ylang for smooth, soft, subtly scented skin. The oils that make up the delicious scent include rose geranium, patchouli, orange, lemon, clove, rosemary, clary sage, peppermint, myrrh. They all come together for a spa-like scent that turns your nightly cleanse into a luxury few minutes.

For mature skin: Reviving Exfoliating Face Polish, £12.99

This fine scrub delicately exfoliates the skin with a rose-scented polish that banishes dead skin cells, for a clearer, glowing complexion. Don't be put off by a physical scrub, this is ultra-gentle and not remotely harsh.

For dehydrated skin: Radiance body Lotion, £12.99

Urban Veda's silky soft body lotions all sink in easily, but it's this radiance-boosting one I recommend most. It has turmeric in, to improve skin tone, liquorice to restore suppleness (don't worry, you won't smell like Bertie Bassett) and sweet almond oil for that ultra-soft touch.

This Black Friday Urban Veda has 30 per cent off everything, with an extra 10 per cent off for GTG readers using the code GTGBF.