And you won't be surprised to hear it doesn't come cheap

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When it comes to Victoria Beckham’s beauty routine (and life, husband and wardrobe too, to be honest ), we are obsessed. From watching her demonstrate how to use her makeup and skincare range on Instagram (the woman is a whizz at eyeliner) to last year's  Victoria Beckham perfume collection (we were first in line to sniff it when it launched), the former Spice Girl is firmly in her beauty mogul era now. And while she is very much the face of her own brands, she always gives credit to the beauty professionals, treatments and tools she relies upon to keep her looking fresh and flawless.

She puts her complexion in the safe hands of skin expert, Melanie Grant, who she has seen for the last few years. Australian-born Grant has clinics in Sydney and Melbourne, takes regular residencies in Paris, has just opened a new space in LA and has a skin studio coming to London very soon. Grant also looks after the skin of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cate Blanchett and assorted supermodels, so what she doesn’t know about good skin isn’t worth knowing.

So when Victoria took to Instagram to share what she has done to her skin with Grant we took notes.

All power to LED

First up VB showed us her reclining (in a very stylish robe) under a LED light mask, which she said she tries to use every night. This is not the first time Mrs Beckham has shown her love for LED masks, previously husband David has shared a pic of her standing in their London kitchen wearing a face and neck mask that Grant recommended from (now defunct) Australian brand, Opera. Grant has also previously recommended The Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask, £395  and The Light Salon Boost LED Collar, £195, to Victoria. We have a round-up of our the best at-home LED light skincare devices, should you be looking for one. LED therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation in the skin, promote faster skin healing, lessen the signs of ageing and improve conditions such as acne and eczema.

Many, many face masks

Next, VB talks face masks. She says that in-between appointments she uses different masks that Grant recommends for her. Grant is a skincare ambassador for Chanel so the one Beckhams is wearing here could be one of theirs - the Chanel Camellia Repair Mask, £56 is ideal for this time of year, as it is designed to boost and hydrate skin in the colder winter months but is also great for using on a flight or when skin is particularly parched. Grant also works with skincare brand, Augustinus Bader, with whom VB has collaborated for her skincare products. There isn’t a VB x Augustinus Bader face mask (yet) but it’s not too far a reach to imagine this could be the Augustinus Bader The Face Cream Mask, £170 at work here. The mask contains the brand’s unique Trigger Factor Complex, a blend of skin-boosting vitamins, peptides and amino acids that work in synergy to target all the signs of skin ageing.

Professional dermaplaning

So far, VB’s routine can easily be replicated at home. The final step, however, is one best left to the professionals as Beckham filmed Grant dermaplaning her face. As Grant expertly glides a surgical scalpel blade over VB’s skin, she explains that dermaplaning, “gets rid of all the peach fuzz on the skin and also the dead skin".  What is dermaplaning, you may ask. It's when a surgical grade razor blade is stroked over the face to remove the minute, tiny hairs and dead skin cells, leaving skin looking instantly more radiant and glowy. It's also a great treatment for boosting the efficacy of skincare. In the video, Grant says once she has finished Beckham's dermaplaning treatment she is going to apply the VB x Augustinus Bader Cell Rejuventating Power Serum, £116, adding that it will penetrate the skin better, thanks to the dermaplaning.