Shopping for a stressed out loved one who deserves a break? This money-saving organic bath set from VOYA is exactly what they need

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It is the general consensus at GTG HQ that a good bath can solve anything; insomnia, muscle aches, this winter’s dreaded cold - we’ve all embraced a long hot soak when we’re not feeling our best. Recent research has even suggested that filling the tub could be more effective than exercise in treating depression , due to the way it rises the core body temperature - which, in turn, helps to regulate our circadian rhythms, promoting a better night’s sleep . All hail the humble bath. But of course no bathing experience would be complete without a little something to soothe both body and mind, and while a bottle of bubble bath isn’t quite going to cut it in the memorable Christmas gift stakes, VOYA’s luxury bath and shower gift sets are just the thing for a more thoughtful present that they can enjoy again and again.

Top of our Christmas  wishlist? The Sleep Worship Collection - a fragrant bath and shower duo that’s sure to help relax tense shoulders, ease busy minds and help send the lucky recipient soak it off before settling into a deep and restful sleep come bedtime. After all, if you’re going to max out the benefits of a rare half hour away from stress, smartphones and social media, you may as well give all of your senses a treat at once. Certified organic, the beautifully presented gift set contains their Moonlight Moments Relaxing Shower and Bath Oil (50ml) and True Tranquil Relaxing Shower and Bath Wash (200ml), both of which harness the restorative powers of the brand’s signature wild seaweed that's harvested on the Irish coast.

This natural wonder combined with lavender and rose geranium gives the oil a rich, warm yet floral fragrance which even the most sensitive of skins can enjoy - simply pour by the capful into a deep bath or massage directly onto the body for super soft skin that feels nourished long after the plug has been pulled - as well as an instant sense of calm thanks to the carefully selected aromas. Meanwhile the full-sized golden tube of bath and shower wash will cleanse and condition the skin with its cocktail of hydrating aloe, lavender and rosemary; a dreamy way to relieve stress before it’s time to hit the pillow. Better yet, the limited edition gift set saves you a pretty penny by combining the two heroes into one kit, with a saving of £12 compared to when they’re bought individually.

As beauty bath time companions go, it has it all, and with self care higher on the agenda than ever before it’s the kind of gift that anyone can benefit from; all you need is a bathtub and a spare half hour.

VOYA Sleep Worship Collection Organic Bath & Shower Duo, £42 -  buy it now 

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