What to buy from Jurlique's face range: we find out what works

Judy Johnson 23 June 2018
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We are self confessed skincare junkies here at GTG HQ, but there are some brands which are still a bit of a mystery to us. Sure, we know the bestsellers - they’re often in our own beauty stashes - but what about the rest? When a well-loved brand has hundreds of products in its range, it’s hard to know where to start in terms of what to buy, what might work for our own skin problems and which unsung heroes could suit us to a tee. So we did what we always do when faced with a beauty dilemma: we got testing. Here’s what Jurlique could do for you, from puffy eye saviours to the skin-smoothing serum our editor loved…

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If you have… dry or mature skin

Buy this: Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Lotion , £32 for 50ml

Reviewer: Alexandra Harrison (combination-oily skin)

Feedback: This moisturiser has a very light, almost milky consistency which I found sunk into the skin quickly, but despite the thin texture it is a little too rich for oily skin like mine (combination skins would find it hard to layer makeup on top). It gives an impressive plumping effect, and the combination of shea butter and natural oils really hydrates, making it perfectly suited for mature skin types or as an overnight moisturiser.

3 / 11

If you have... tired, puffy eyes

Buy this: Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm , £52 for 15ml

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru (permanently puffy-eyed)

Feedback: I’ve been told that my eyes always give me away. Especially when I’m lacking in sleep, which is pretty much all the time these days. In addition to the obvious solution (to catch up on some much-needed shut eye), I’ve had to upgrade my eye cream to something more hard-working and this replenishing eye contour balm has fit the bill perfectly. Containing firming horseradish and glycogen, energising rosemary and peppermint and brightening mulberry root, it’s designed to tighten, hydrate and tone the whole eye area. From a fatigue-fighting perspective, I was really happy with the results and I loved the metal ball spatula that it came with. To apply, dip the applicator into the balm, pop a few dots of the cream around the eye and then glide the metal ball in an outwards motion along the orbital bone of each eye. It’s done wonders for my stubborn puffiness and made my eyes look so much more well-rested after a month of use.

4 / 11

If you have... dry, sensitive skin or rosacea

Buy this: Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturising Cream,  £50 for 100ml

Reviewer: Anna Hunter (oily t-zone, dry forehead, hormonal breakouts on jawline, redness...a pick and mix of skin issues)

Feedback: Skincare testing can sometimes get me into a spot of trouble (literally) - while my skin isn’t as sensitive as Judy’s, I seem to be prone to dermatitis and various other rather rare but occasionally alarming reactions. Hence why, if I’m given a comforting cream designed to soothe rather than say, resurface, I go in gung-ho. This rich calendula and chamomile based lotion majors on hydrating, antioxidant rich plant extracts, with moisturising glycerin, honey, avocado and aloe vera to calm and strengthen a compromised, inflamed skin barrier. It’s a bit too heavy for my combination skin for daily wear in the summer months, but the next time I experience a bout of chapped, sore skin, I’ll be reaching for it. One for the beauty first aid kit.

5 / 11

If you have… tight skin after cleansing

Buy this: Rose Moisture Plus Cleanser , £18 for 100ml

Reviewer: Alexandra Harrison (congested, combination skin)

Feedback: I used this as my second, more thorough cleanse after wiping away most of my makeup, allowing it to get all of the dirt and grime that was leftover! For me this was a better cleanser for the evening time as not only is the formula fairly rich but I found the scent quite relaxing. It left my skin feeling very clean, but not stripped of moisture which is good for my combination, sometimes oily skin to save it overcompensating come morning. Just be sure to keep it out of your eyes!

6 / 11

If you have... dehydrated skin

Buy this: Activating Water Essence , £40 for 150ml

Reviewer: Anna Hunter (dry cheeks and forehead thanks to fake tan use/ aircon)

Feedback: Sometimes you just need a light, cooling, refreshing layer of moisture that leaves you soft but isn’t overly rich, and this is that. Apply to skin with your palms (cotton wool soaks some of the precious juice up, and it’s too pricey to waste) after cleansing and toning but before your moisturiser, and your skin will look and feel far more dewy. Marshmallow root in the formula helps to bind moisture to the skin, which is ideal if you spend the majority of your day in an air conditioned office/ gym/ train, although be aware that it’s relatively fragrant, a factor that could prove problematic for some, though our resident sensitive skin writer Judy had no issues. Otherwise, a revitalising skincare addition that actually makes a difference.

7 / 11

If you have… dull or confused skin

Buy this:  Jurlique Face Care Set , £50

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis (skin drier than the Sahara, plus dullness!)

Feedback: If your skin is in a mess and you need to start from scratch with a simple step skin regime, then this Face Care Set from Jurlique is a great way to gently dip your toes into the brand. Containing their best-selling rosewater balancing mist, a moisturising mask, a day cream and a hydrating essence, it combines everything you need to treat dry skin, and leave skin feeling fresh, dewy and replenished. I would warn that it is very fragrant, so if you don't like rose then steer clear. The cream is also designed for very dry skin, so I would opt for something lighter if you don't have dryness to treat - it was much too rich even for me.

My stand outs though are the mist and the essence. When you have dehydrated and lacklustre skin you need something that's going to pack a moisture punch, but keep skin fresh and glowy. The Balancing Mist is infused with glycerin and marshmallow which helps to prevent further moisture loss,as well as grapefruit seed and aloe vera to help to calm and smooth your overall complexion - plus it smells divine! Continuing with the marshmallow theme, the essence works a treat at revitalising the skin, pumping in enough hydration to last the day - it was my surprise favourite  within this kit as a powerhouse that really leaves skin moisturised and hydrated.

8 / 11

If you have: Lined, sagging or dehydrated skin and are looking for a plant-based solution

Buy this: Nutri-Define Superior Retexturising Serum  £86 for 30ml

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall (losing the battle with wrinkles and pollution)

Feedback: You can instantly smell the botanicals at work in this serum. If you want a powerful hit of fragrant natural ingredients (such as ginseng extract for smoothing and horseradish extract for fimness, both derived from plants grown on Jurlique’s organic farm) this is for you. The Nutri-Define range is aimed at the advanced signs of ageing - deeper lines, sagging and uneven skin tone.  In a small clinical study and survey of women over 40, 89% said they saw a noticeable improvement in skin smoothness in 28 days after using this. I found it absorbed without stickiness or oiliness while still managing to feel rich, although I couldn’t go without a hydrating moisturiser on top. After a week, my skin looked refined and bright and felt a little more tightened. I welcomed the infusion of plant extracts as a counterbalance to the polluted London streets I cycle every day. It’s more fragrant than my usual serums, but then again it’s more natural and has a big job to do. It’s also pricey, but with its high concentration of ingredients you can get away with a basic moisturiser on top.

9 / 11

If you have... congested, combination skin

Buy this: Nutri-Define Cleanser , £32 for 100ml

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru (complexion currently confused)

Feedback: If you’re looking for a microbead-free way to slough off end of day pollution, dirt and grime, this pillowy-foamed cleanser hits the mark. Containing jojoba esters derived from jojoba oil and exfoliating willow bark extract, it transforms from a cream to a rich lather when mixed with a little water to lift away impurities and excess oil. While I personally prefer chemical exfoliation as I find it less abrasive (an AHA is my current go-to), the creamy texture of this cleanser gives it a more conditioning feel than its counterparts - I’d recommend using it once or twice a week if like me, twice a day physical exfoliation is a bit too much for your skin. Incidentally, our Editor Victoria who has dry skin, tried this too and loved the clean softness of her face afterwards.

10 / 11

If you have… irritated, temperamental skin

Buy this: Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum , £45 for 30ml

Reviewer: Judy Johnson (sensitive, irritated skin, prone to redness and dryness)

Feedback: Much of the Jurlique range is scented quite heavily (albeit with natural oils and extracts) but the Redness Rescue range is much more delicate and aimed at sensitive, fragile skin like mine. This treatment serum is the best of the calendula-based bunch; it has a barely-there natural aroma of cucumber and chamomile, a super light, almost gel-like texture and a delightful cooling effect on the skin. A little drop is all that’s needed to add a layer of hydration to stressed, red or compromised skin - the combination of calming calendula, chamomile, aloe and prickly pear extract really soothes and brings everything back into balance, improving the skin’s barrier and making it more resilient. After a few weeks of use I've noticed a positive change in skin texture, and a reduced feeling of sensitivity; it's worth every penny.

11 / 11

If you have… oily, combination or normal skin

Buy this: Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Gel-Lotion , £32 for 50ml

Reviewer: Kully Buhal (combination-oily skin prone to blackheads)

Feedback: This is a real all-rounder; the gel-lotion is a silky smooth, water-like cream with a very soothing, soft smell of roses. I’m not normally a fan of fragranced products but this is very light and the scent actually disappears within seconds so it didn’t put me off. I absolutely love the refreshing, cooling sensation it has on the skin, making it great for hot and sticky summer months. It absorbs quickly into the skin with no stickiness or greasiness, and feels really light making it perfect for wearing under makeup, and ideal for oilier skin types. The formula contains rosehip oil, green tea extract and white mushroom extract which all help to hydrate and restore skin, leaving you with a wonderfully smooth and soft complexion. As you only need to use a very small amount (a little goes a long way) it’s also affordable as the pot should last for ages!