Our needs differ but one brand appeals across the board - Kiehl's. From their new Youth Dose Eye Treatment to cleansing oils and SPF, here are the products two GTG writers swear by

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From dry to oily, sensitive to combination, you’ll find a wide range of skin types among the GTG team. We each have our lists of go-to brands that never let us down, and one that appears on all of them is Kiehl’s, whose variety of results-driven premium skincare products provides something for everyone. Not an easy feat.

Which products take us from summer to winter and beyond? From a brand new pro-retinol eye treatment to masks and cleansers, these are the year-round essentials Senior Features Writers Ayesha Muttucumaru and Anna Hunter reach for to see them through the change in seasons.

My morning routine, Ayesha Muttucumaru

"When it comes to my morning skincare routine, I look for hydrating, protective products that help defend my skin against the effects of pollution, sun and stress. My skin falls under the common description of ‘combination’ - dry around the sides, oilier in the middle - with the dryness part of it worsened in the winter. To help meet its changing demands, I usually swap the following Kiehl’s products in and out of my routine to keep it fighting fit."

Ultra Facial Cleanser, £9.50 for 75ml

"Due to my drier skin type, I usually opt for cleansers that gently remove oil and makeup but avoid leaving it tight and uncomfortable. It’s a hard balance to achieve, but this hard-working face wash manages it. Containing apricot kernal and avocado oils, it provides a more conditining type of cleanse, but still manages to leave my skin squeaky clean too."

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Kiehl’s Youth Dose Eye Treatment, £37 for 15ml

"I’m always looking for ways to look wider awake and this new hard-working eye cream is one of my favourite new finds. Containing pro-retinol, otherwise known as retinyl palmitate, a derivative of vitamin A, as well as red grapeseed extract and vitamin C, it helps brighten dark circles and reduce fine lines. One of its standout features for me though, is its blend of blurring powders that reflect and scatter light. My under eyes instantly look smoother and more refreshed whenever I use it."

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Ultra Facial Moisturiser, £17.50 for 75ml

"What I particularly love about this day cream is how a little goes a long way. Enriched with glow-boosting ingredients such as squalane, vitamin A and vitamin E, it provides all-day hydration and leaves skin soft and supple."

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Butterstick Lip Treatment, £19.50 for 4g

"‘Butterstick’ truly is the best name for this nourishing lip balm due to its dreamy texture and moisturising prowess. It melts rather deliciously onto dry lips, and key ingredients coconut oil and lemon butter serve up a hefty dose of moisture to leave my pout plumper and significantly less parched."

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Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA++++, £28 for 30ml

"All-year SPF is a staple of mine but I hate the heavy feeling of having too many layers on my skin. However, this lightweight protective fluid slots into my skincare routine perfectly thanks to its silky texture. Fast-absorbing, think of it as an invisible shield against the elements."

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My evening routine, Anna Hunter

"Like most people, I stretch my evening skincare session out a bit longer than my cursory morning wash and go - I find methodically removing the remnants of the day really satisfying, and if I’ve got time to add a mask into the equation, all the better. I live in a smoggy city, wear makeup daily and generally go to the gym in the evening, so clearing the decks as soon as I get home sets me up for a relaxing evening. I interchange some of the following five products depending on how my skin is behaving - breakouts generally crop up when I’m stressed or not getting enough sleep, and as we creep into colder weather, my cheeks, eye area and forehead get drier, with fine lines becoming a little more obvious than I’d like."

Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil, £32 for 175ml

"A silky oil plus hot cloth combo ensures that every scrap of makeup melts away, and this gentle cleanser takes care of stubborn mascara and eyeliner too. It has a lovely ‘slip’ on the skin, allows for some circulation boosting end-of-day facial massage and leaves my face really soft once I’ve rinsed it off and towelled down."

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Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque, £34 for 100ml

"I recently discovered that I live just off of one of the most polluted streets in London, so my skin probably needs all of the help it can get in that department. This cooling, greenish mask contains kaolin clay to draw out impurities, glycerin to moisturise and antioxidant vitamin C for brighter skin over time and to help negate the damage of the day. It’s intended to be left overnight, but I’m sometimes sensitive to AHA exfoliants, so prefer to wear it while I’m pottering about in the evening for a few hours before a quick cleanse."

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Youth Dose Eye Treatment, £37 for 15ml

"One of the only skincare ingredients proven to rejuvenate skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, using a retinol product once or twice a week has become a must, but I’m always wary of putting anything vitamin A-ish around my eye area. This new retinyl palmitate based eye serum is a less irritating alternative to retinol, and the fact that it’s combined with antioxidant vitamin C gives it even more line-smoothing and under eye brightening potential. The texture is very light, it makes the eye area look instantly more refreshed and the applicator means you’ll never go overboard."

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Breakout Control Blemish Treatment Facial Lotion, £38 for 60ml

"We buy this in bulk in our household - my fiancé relies on this salicylic acid based cream to keep spots and oil in check, and I turn to it when my T-zone kicks off. A thin layer smooths skin and helps to keep breakouts at bay, while niacinamide helps to strengthen the skin barrier and aloe vera takes down any acne related inflammation. One tube goes a long way, depending on whether or not you’re sharing it..."

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Midnight Recovery Concentrate, £38 for 30ml

"This bestselling facial oil is especially comforting during the winter months - it creates immediate radiance once massaged in, and moisturising squalane and evening primrose oil keep skin supple and plump. A few drops provides lipid rich hydration that will make skin look and feel all the fresher by morning - it might be a bit too emollient for oily skin, but dry skin will drink it up."

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