Bad day at the office? This aromatherapy candle / skin treatment will be your absolute saving grace

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It’s not often that the Glossy Posse come across a product so lavish and luxurious that we’re willing to throw in our spa towels - but the new Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle might just be the most heavenly hybrid we’ve ever come across. and definitely worth the sacrifice.

Specially created to care for thirsty, stressed skin in need of some nourishing TLC, this new range of heavenly candles are formulated with a mix of cocoa butter, soybean oil and vitamin rich almond oil - as well as essences of jasmine and Basil that deliver the signature Neom Tranquillity fragrance.

We know what you’re thinking though - heating a candle and pouring melting hot wax onto your body sounds anything but relaxing. But don’t panic - they’re especially formulated with a low melting point so that it heats to the perfect temperature for skin application. Once heated the oil can be applied or massaged into the legs, hands, feet or dry elbows and heels using key stress relieving techniques such as shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage or trigger point work.

So, how exactly does it help? Well, when massaged into the skin the warmth of the oil creates increased circulation, allowing the special blend of 19 restorative and sedative essential oils to hit the limbic system in just 20 minutes. Here they are then met by an incredible 50 million receptors before they journey on to the olfactory bulb (our sense of smell) where they work to leave you feeling calmer, happier and 100% more relaxed (not to mention as soft as a baby’s bottom).

Simply light the candle for 30 minutes to allow it to form a therapeutic pool of oil before applying directly on the skin - a voila, you’ve got the soothing scent filling the room along with the treatment to melt away the stress - or in other words, your very own at-home spa set-up.

Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, £36,  buy online

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