Lotions, potions, scrubs and scent aren’t just for the ladies

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Things have come on in the world of male grooming of late. No longer do men coyly nab some of their girlfriend’s moisturiser while she’s out, or opt for a cut-price short back and sides in a dodgy back alley (although, if that works for you, go for it). The shame and macho ribbing from mates once associated with men taking care of themselves seems to have diminished dramatically; it’s no longer risqué to dabble in skincare or start a cologne collection.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, Global Fragrance and Personal Care Analyst at  Mintel , agrees that men are exercising their consumer power and becoming as discerning and demanding as us girls:

“The men’s grooming market has boomed in recent years as increasing numbers of men wanting to look their best turn to products specifically targeted towards them to do the best job possible.”

Quite right too - here's our pick of the best products around to please even the most sophisticated of male tastemakers. We sense that tables are turning in the beauty cabinet burglary stakes. If it’s good enough for Tom Ford…

Tom Ford Eau de Parfum Spray , £78

As suave and refined as the man himself, a dash of this oriental fragrance will mark any man out as astute and ahead of the pack. It’s a smooth blend of bergamot, black pepper and numerous other delicate and delicious notes- think deep, sensual and all in all pretty swoony. In short, Tom Ford, bottled.

Clarisonic Aria Cleanser,  £155

Don’t leave all the go-go gadget fun to the girls - the Clarisonic will revolutionise your regular soap and flannel cleansing routine. It’s a sonic cleanser (sounds reassuringly manly to doubters out there) that deep cleanses skin better than your mitts ever could, and with three speeds it’s up to you whether you give you face a thorough car wash or simply buff away the grime. Post-use pores are reduced and skincare products absorb far more efficiently. It’s a gizmo worth investing in; the sleek black version is especially covetable for gents wanting to polish up their act.

Kiehl's All-in-One Refuelling Wash , £16

Who says that women are the only ones that can multi-task? This wonder wash cleanses and conditions hair and body with coconut, aloe vera, menthol and vitamin E. It’s tingly yet gentle, powerful yet kind - like all good men, we say.

Sisley Sisleÿum for Men , £160

A must for your anti-ageing arsenal, think of this multi-purpose elixir as an insurance policy for your skin. Its effects are both instantaneous and long-term - razor burn and redness disappear while wrinkles are kept at bay. We have to admit that the fusion of active ingredients and protective plant extracts is somewhat mind-boggling (we’ve never heard of white horehound or alkekengi calyx but if Sisley deem them effective we’re on board), but the rejuvenating results speak for themselves. Tailored to hydrate and repair men’s tougher textured skin, this cream will help to defend against free-radical and restore your natural radiance, because men can glow too.

Ron Dorff Skin Discipline Body Scrub , £28

If you’re after rugged, robust bodycare that even Bear Grylls would approve of, you need to get acquainted with Ron Dorff. This particular body scrub will leave your skin soft and smooth but its ingredients are far from fluffy - it harnesses the power of anti-inflammatory Artic Roseroot, harvested north of the Arctic Circle at a latitude of 66° 33’ 44”. Eat your heart out Indiana Jones. The all-natural formula is also free of parabens and mineral oil, which would appeal to even the most green of intrepid explorers.

Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq Extreme Hold Gel,  £14.50

There’s no messing about when this strong hold styler is about- cowlicks, unruly flicks and messy mops are going nowhere. It keeps your style of choice in line without flaking and you only need the tiniest blob to create a mane masterpiece. Just don’t say the name wrong.