FaceGym's founder Inge Theron has unleashed four high-performing skincare products on the world. Here's what we loved most from the range

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Written in partnership with FaceGym

FaceGym counts celebrities Ellie Goulding, Bella Hadid and Lizzo among its fans, who love the brand's facial exercise that is essentially a workout for your face, lifting, toning and sculpting. Ellie Goulding even chose to have her pre-wedding facial at FaceGym's London studio.

Thankfully, if you can't hotfoot it to FaceGym's London or New York studios, you'll be pleased to learn that the brand's founder, Inge Theron , has launched a skincare line inspired by the FaceGym facials, for fans to use at home.

The four-product strong skincare line, which includes a cleanser, two serums and our personal favourite, a moisturiser (more on that later), was three years in development and is inspired by the studio's sculpting face workouts. The skin care should be used in conjunction with FaceGym's facial tutorials to help tone and tighten the 40 plus muscles in your face.

If you're not familiar with FaceGym's background, let us fill you in. It was started by skincare oracle Inge Theron  back in 2015 after an aesthetic procedure went wrong and left her housebound. She realised there had to be a better way to stay looking youthful that didn't have potentially risky side effects and FaceGym was born.

Inge had a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare; she writes the Spa Junkie wellness and beauty columnist for the Financial Times, so is on the front line of the latest in high-end aesthetics, fitness and nutrition. In addition to writing, she has also designed and programmed spa destinations such as Tierra Santa at the Faena Hotel in Miami, the Bulgari in London and is currently designing a state of the art spa for a soon to be opened luxury London hotel.

FaceGym began with a studio on King's Road in London and there are now 12 studios across the UK and US. A skincare collection was a logical next step.

FaceGym skincare: what you need to know

Inspired by FaceGym's face sculpting method, FaceGym Skincare features four signature products that prep, train and recover the skin, in the same way as a FaceGym facial. The formulas are made with active ingredients that support the skin's structure from within. You scan the QR code on the packaging to unlock a how-to with a FaceGym trainer, who explains how to apply the product.

Our pick from the FaceGym skincare collection: Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser, £95

This rich, but not overly heavy moisturiser is the star of the show for us. It contains microalgae concentrate and vegan-friendly epidermal growth factors from the tobacco plant and is clinically proven to boost moisture levels, increase firmness and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in 14 days.

The microalgae ingredient is quite the high performer; It helps to inhibit cortisol , which can have a negative impact on the skin. This cream ensures skin is radiant, smooth and plump. Marine bioferments in the mix also help to protect the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss, while ceramides  increase hydration and reduce sensitivity.

The jars have eco-credentials too. They're made from recyclable aluminium, and the refill pot is made from ocean plastic.

Don't just take our word for the performance of the cream though; consumers trials speak for themselves. 90 per cent of consumers agreed that the application method helped to sculpt, lift and tone the skin. Whether you're using this when you can't get into a FaceGym studio, or to support regular FaceGym facials, this is one firming cream to have on your radar.

Buy the FaceGym Supreme Restructure Firming Moisturiser, £95