The St Tropez In-Shower self tan (available in our Latest in Beauty Cult Collection box) was one of the bestselling products of the summer. Editor Susannah Taylor tells us why she loves it so

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How much do I love this product? Let me count the ways.....

1. It is great for pale people (like myself). It doesn't turn you mega-tanned or orange, but gives you a hint of a golden glow. If you're looking for a more mahogany rather than oak shade, then you may need to repeat for a few days in a row to get the desired effect however, for pasty people like myself it's pure, unstreaky perfection.

2. It's no fuss. You apply the product in the shower, and leave it for 3 minutes before showering off. This means there's no tacky, greasy, sticky residue left behind that sticks to your sheets or clothes. Plus, you get to brush your teeth in the shower which is brilliant beauty-multitasking if you ask me.

3. There's no smell. Unlike some self tans, this one won't leave you stinking of digestive biscuits.

4. It's foolproof. For some reason that's best left to the St Tropez scientists - this product doesn't streak or go blotchy. I don't know why or how, but it doesn't. Try it and see for yourself.

There is a St Tropez Gradual Tan In-Shower Lotion within our Latest in Beauty Cult Collection box.  Containing 8 products for £15.95 but worth a whopping £62, it's incredible value.

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