The Goddess Bath Bomb is inspired by Grande’s ‘God is a woman’ music video and it promises the most psychedelic bath of your life

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It turns out that putting your wildest dreams out there on Twitter can sometimes (within reason) have pretty fruitful rewards, as one Ariana Grande fan found out when she requested that bath bomb specialists Lush Cosmetics  make a product to recreate the swirling, painterly purple backdrop of Ariana Grande’s God is a woman  music video. A Lush employee took the idea to the top and product inventor Jack Constantine got busy in the Lush lab, with Grande’s blessing (“omg Lush I would do anything”).


The result of this meeting of minds is now available to be purchased as of today and the Lush lot are dubbing it “bath art” owing to its multicoloured layered effect - it strikes us as akin taking a dip in an Impressionist painting. The Goddess Bath Bomb , £5.95, contains sodium bicarbonate to makes the various purple and silver shades ‘unfold’ as your bath fills, although we can’t guarantee that the colours will align to form the shape of a vulva as happens in the music video. Let us know if that happens for you.

Foamy celebrations of the female form aside, the ingredients are pretty empowering too. According to Constantine once the Goddess dissolves you’re essentially bathing in silky skin-loving butters and plant oils, namely shea butter and argan oil sourced directly from women’s cooperatives in Ghana and Morocco, both of which promote fair trade and social and economic inclusion. As well as emerging from the bathroom with far softer skin than when you entered, the scent of jasmine, lilac, oud and sandalwood will hang around far beyond bath time. All in all, it’s appropriately lush and available to buy online  and at the Oxford Street store  as of now. Good luck cleaning the bath afterwards.

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