Bath time just got a whole lot more blissful thanks to Soak Sunday and their Botanical Bath Duo

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There’s nothing quite like rounding off a busy weekend with a soothing, indulgent (hour-long, if you like) soak in the bath of a Sunday evening. We’re not talking the quick, functional dip in the tub, but a luxurious lie down which helps you switch off and sink into sublime products with a good book or podcast.

Enter  Soak Sunday , a new sensorial, sustainable and indulging vegan and cruelty-free bath and body care range designed to upgrade your tub time and make your bathroom look seriously chic with plastic-free glass and aluminium packaging; your shelfie never looked so good.

Soak Sunday’s range of candles, face masks, body scrubs, bath oils and baths soaks come in three scents from dreamy Rose Utopia (roses, lavender, jasmine and sage), uplifting Cleo’s Paradise (manuka, almond, coconut and oatmeal) and sultry Midnight Storm (ginger, basil and activated charcoal).

For Christmas they’ve launched Christmas sets, with the Botanical Bath Duo, particularly piquing our interest. The set which costs £26, a saving of ten per cent, includes Bath Oil and Bath Soak and the best news? You can mix and match scents so you don’t have to pick between them. We’d personally go for Rose Utopia every time, but that’s just us!

The products are made from powerful botanicals, aromatherapeutic blends and skin-soothing 98 to 100 per cent natural ingredients and are made in the UK. The packaging is totally recyclable and soy ink is used in printing. The formulas inside the Botanical Bath Duo set are a delight to behold; the Rose Utopia Bath Soak is filled with rose petals to make your bath look like it belongs on a Balinese retreat. Combined in the glass jar with Himalayan salt crystals to soothe the mind and body it’s luxury personified. A handful sprinkled in your bath is enough to transport you far from your troubles. Sage in the mix clarifies the mind while jasmine is responsible for making you feel care-free – tomorrow’s to-do list suddenly seems a world away.

The Bath and Body Oil in the set is both multi-functional and luxe; you can either pour it under running water for a nourishing, sumptuous bath or apply it post-soak to damp skin to leave your limbs feeling silky soft and subtly scented with rose. Lavender and jasmine mingle with the rose scent to relax the senses even more making this a perfect pre-bed treat.

We all know it’s been quite a year, but time spent relaxing among the skin and soul-soothing ingredients are enough to make you forget that 2020 even happened…

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Written in partnership with Soak Sunday