When you're a whiter shade of pale, fake tan can make you look as if you've been Tango'd. Susannah Taylor (a redhead) has found a miracle bronzer that gives a healthy glow but leaves no telltale signs

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When it comes to self-tans, believe me, old Florida Granny here has tried them all. With redhead colouring
(auburn hair, white skin, freckles), I'm practically see-through without it, so I apply some form of bronzer every day just to look like I have a pulse. However there is one product I've recently discovered that beats them all. Spray di Solé gives the most natural bronze I've found, without a hint of Tango. A liquid bronzer, you spray it on to the acompanying Kabuki brush and paint it over the face. There are no streaks, no telltale signs, just an even, healthy glow which stays all day. You can even apply it over make-up – which I do, often, as an afternoon pick-me-up. Beats a bar of chocolate any day. £42,  www.victoriahealth.com

Catwalk image: Matt Lever