A survey has revealed that lack of confidence may be holding women back in the workplace. Ayesha Muttucumaru discovers a way to 'hang up our hang ups' for good...

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Here at GTG, we’re all about helping women feel more self-assured and comfortable in their own skin.  So a recent study conducted by Head & Shoulders  showing the extent that women are wracked with self-doubt in the workplace, made us stop in our confidence-crusading tracks.

The research revealed that a whopping 92% of British women harbour hang ups that are holding them back in their lives and the workplace was where they felt that they would most benefit from an injection of confidence. Of the 2,000 women surveyed, almost half believed that they would be further in their career if they had more confidence and a quarter said that they felt that they would be at a more senior level in their careers if they were freed of self-doubt.

Furthermore, one in three avoided work situations where they would be the focus of attention and a quarter admitted that they lacked confidence to highlight things they’d done well.

When broken down, the number one worry that topped the poll was a fear of what others thought of them (44%), followed by a dislike of being in the spotlight (40%), a fear of looking or sounding stupid (34%) and finding difficult conversations tricky (32%).

Sounds all too familiar if you ask us! Whether it’s a fear of how we’re perceived, a fear of taking initiative or a fear of living up to expectations, we could all do with a dose of confidence in our working lives. Cue Head & Shoulders, and the launch of a new website to help put your workplace woes firmly behind you – www.hangupyourhangups.com .

Created to motivate and inspire, a wealth of useful confidence-building and energy-boosting tricks is all but a click away. Oh, and of course some great hair tips too. According to Head & Shoulders Brand Manager, Helen Johnson: “Imagine the difference a nationwide confidence boost could make. We’ve been helping people wash out flakes for over 50 years, a major cause of insecurity for over 50% of the population, so we have great experience of boosting confidence everyday – now we’re on a mission to get women to hang up their hang ups for good and join in life with no inhibitions.”

A great way of finding some handy advice for staying positive and assertive when stress-levels reach fever pitch, it’s about time women break through their own glass ceiling and realise their full potential in and out of the workplace, (all with a wonderfully coiffed head of hair of course). So take comfort from the fact that we all pretty much have the same fears and have a look around the office when you have a moment. Despite what the outside might say, the likelihood is your colleagues are probably feeling just as insecure as you are.