Supermarket beauty ranges have really stepped up their game in the beauty aisles with their own-name ranges. Be prepared to be adding cleansers and serums alongside your milk and bananas.

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

In these times where we are all strapped for time and money, supermarket beauty brands (and we're talking their own ranges here) are not only convenient - so much easier to pop products into your basket as you’re walking up and down the aisles - but, of course, they’re brilliantly priced too. It’s never been more important to know how to tell if your skincare is worth the money and supermarket beauty products will always be reliable  because they're aimed at the masses and you're never going to find a super spenny serum next to the strawberries. Yes, they might not be the most skin-transformative of products. You’re definitely not going to find the best retinol creams, serums and oils in the tinned goods aisle.

However, supermarket beauty is far more than the place for just stocking up on cotton pads or the best toothpaste tablets. In the last few years, supermarkets have realised that as well as stocking brilliant brands to draw people in and cater for everyone’s skincare, body care and haircare needs, more and more customers are looking to the supermarket own products too. We take a look at the latest products on offering for when you’re next stocking up on groceries.

Best supermarket beauty brand for anti-ageing skincare: Cien at Lidl

Prices: £0.49 to £3.69.

Although offering a wide range of beauty bargains on its shelves, it’s Lidl’s Cien skincare line that’s received particular attention as of late for its products that aim to tackle the signs of ageing. Ranging from face washes to creams, it’s also one of the cheapest in our round-up. And something you might not know but all the beauty products at Lidl have to be leaping bunny approved, which means at no stage of the development and manufacturing process has any part of the formulation been tested on animals.

What’s in our basket? Its moisturisers are specifically worth trying, particularly if you’re looking for a budget night cream - both its Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Day and Night Cream come in at just £1.69. However, be wary that scents can be pretty strong, which might be quite off-putting for some.

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Best supermarket beauty brand for dupes: Lacura at Aldi

Prices: £1.69 to £7.99

From cleansers to face masks and candles, Aldi’s become the go-to supermarket for a beauty dupe  thanks to the success of its Lacura range. Usually only available for a limited time, it’s most recent re-launch featured its sell-out makeup line which included concealer pens, BB creams and CC Colour Correcting Sticks inspired by the likes of YSL, Max Factor and L’Oreal Paris.

What’s in our basket?  You might need to race down to your latest Lidl to get your hands on their new Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar (which must be 'inspired' by a similar Laura Mercier bath product). It comes with a wooden honey applicator to drip it into the bath and the sweet almond oil and honey infused liquid gets to work on creating the bubbles. We’re also loving their Self-Heating Eye Masks, £4.99, that come in two fragrances, chamomile or jasmine. You pop them over your eyes and let their warmth wash over you. Lidl are proving that products that feel indulgent and offer valid moments of self care shouldn't cost a fortune.

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Best supermarket beauty brand for simple skincare: Pure at Waitrose

Prices: £2.25 to £3.50

With a high percentage of natural ingredients, vegan formulations and formulated for sensitive skin, this range is simple but the sort of products that will make up the cornerstones of your regime. It’s free of common irritants such as SLS and fragrance and it’s cruelty-free too. The packaging is also slick, simple and beautiful (and recyclable too).

What’s in our basket? We’re grabbing the Pure Eye Serum, £3. This is a great everyday, lightweight serum that will hydrate and refresh the skin around the eyes. We’re also fans of the Pure Micellar Water, £2.50 which does a great job of removing makeup and the dirt of the day.

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Best supermarket beauty brand for wearable makeup: Boutique at Sainsbury’s

Prices: £2 to £6

Focusing purely on makeup, the Boutique range at Sainsbury’s is a concise and considered edit of everything you could need to refresh your makeup bag. Created by makeup artists Jo Saville and Sophia Price, it provides great choice. 

What’s in our basket? There are quite a few items we’re popping in our basket, namely the Barely There Eyeshadow Palette, £6 - a collection of 12 ultra-wearable shadows - along with the Illuminating Drops, £4 that comes in two shades, pink and champagne, but can be used on the face as well as all over the body.

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Best supermarket beauty brand for cleansers: Kind & Pure at Tesco

Prices: £1.60 to £1.70

Many would argue that when it comes to an area where you can spend less on your skincare it’s on the products you’re washing down the sink. This is why a range like this, which consists of face washes, micellar water and face scrubs is essential. All designed with sensitive skin in mind they cleanse without leaving it feeling dehydrated.

What’s in our basket? Ideal for throwing in your gym bag, for keeping in the shower or for a first cleanse, if you're a double cleanse type, the Kind & Pure Cleansing Face Wash, £1.60 is a no-frills, simple, effective cleanser that gets everything off your face without stripping it at the same time. In short: it is what a cleanser is meant to be. It doesn't have a fancy scent, the texture isn't overly remarkable but it comes with a remarkable price tag of £2. 

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Best supermarket beauty brand for high-performing skincare: Formula at Marks & Spencer

Prices: £7.50 to £25 (£35 for sets)

With perhaps the most comprehensive range, Formula is all about problem-solving and targeting skin issues such as pigmentation, lack of volume, dullness and more, which also explains this being the range with the highest price points.

What’s in our basket: Restore & Nourish Advanced Radiance Super Serum, £22.50 is a gorgeous silky serum that could equally belong on the shelves of a far higher-end beauty emporium as well as on the shelves at M&S. It contains ingredients such as Scottish thistle which is known for making skin more resilient, calming ingredients as well as key skin hydrators such as vitamin E and glycerin. The whole range is very well sign-posted making it easy to work out which products are aimed at your skin concerns and the packaging feels far more luxe than you might expect.

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Best supermarket brand for body care: Everyday Moisture at Morrisons

Prices: £0.99 to £5

The smallest range of all of the supermarkets with more of a focus towards body products. But what they have done they have done well. Hand creams, body lotion and an excellent range of SPFs.

What's in our basket: Undoubtedly inspired by another mass-market brand that also utilises oats, Morrisons Moisturising Lotion, £2 is a ‘does what it says on the tin’ type of body lotion. Oats are known for their ability to soothe sensitive and taking the sting out of itchy skin, this is perfect for the whole family and for using all year long. The handy pump applicator makes it easy if it’s wriggling toddlers you’re trying to apply it on - although is also very practical when it’s just you giving it a go - and the price is superb.

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