The 10 best pre-wedding bridal beauty treatments

6 June 2014
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The Facial: Elemis Biotec Facial

Merging some high-tech know how with high performance beauty gadgets, this new range of seven customised facials provide fast, effective results without a needle in sight. We booked in for the Triple-Tec Anti-Wrinkle Facial, £70 at the Elemis day-spa in London, which is the perfect anti-ageing option if you want your skin to look a little tighter, smoother and glowy ahead of your big day.

To start off, micro-current pulses are applied to skin, (seriously not as scary as it sounds), to firm, tone and re-educate slackening muscles. Secondly, a wonderfully relaxing combination of red LED light to increase circulation and blue LED light to fight blemishes is used, (we actually nodded off). Finally, O2 Oxygen Infusion technology is used to push the replenishing qualities of the mask into the deep layers of the skin to transform dull, tired skin  back to its brightest and most wide awake and ensure you look camera ready for the plethora of flashbulbs headed your way.

From £60 for a 60 minute facial. Find your nearest Elemis BIOTEC spa or salon  here .

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The Backless Booster: Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Back Treatment

If you’re looking for a way to de-stress or for an added dose of confidence if you’ve opted for a backless wedding dress, make sure to book in for this super relaxing treatment at the flagship Aromatherapy Associates Boutique in London.

A great add-on to the menu of treatments that the Boutique has to offer, a scent test beforehand determines which essential oil suits your needs best. With a deep cleansing treatment to eliminate toxins and banish blemishes, a scrub, a heavenly back massage to untie the most convoluted of knots, a nourishing mask and even extractions, we wouldn’t blame you if chose to walk down the aisle backwards to show off the impressive results.

From £50. Available at Aromatherapy Associates Boutique & Treatment Rooms, 5 Montpelier Street, London SW7 1EX, 020 7838 1117.

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The Manicure: Marian Newman in residence at The Atelier

Obviously having your nails done by the mani legend that is Marian Newman  is the dream, but whether you are lucky enough to book in with Marian herself or have a treatment with one of her exceptional team, you couldn't prepare your hands better for the exchange of rings.

To repair and strengthen nails, opt for the very clever IBX system before your manicure; jojoba and avocado oils penetrate deep into the nail and seal the top layers, making your manicure all the more bulletproof and nourishing your nails in the process too.

From £25. See the full treatment menu  here .

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The Pedicure: Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure

The finest pedicure in town, Margaret Dabbs  and her team of experienced podiatrists will see that you never a put a foot wrong on your trip down the aisle.

Here you’ll get everything from an in-depth foot consultation to a hands-on trotter overhaul performed on dry feet for optimum results. Toes are put through their paces with a thorough file down and nail makeover to make sure you leave the spa foot confident and with an added spring in your step.

From £80 for 45 minutes.

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The Gel Pedicure: Nails inc Pedicure

With over 150 colours to choose from, each providing a long-lasting finish to rival that of your favourite nail polish, meet the gel pedicure that actually strengthens your nails  and will stay chip-free from ceremony to honeymoon.

Perfect for those who attract chips and smudges quicker than you can say, ‘I do,’ it dries in no time at all thanks to UV lights to provide a high shine finish, formulated to prevent bending and breakages and encourage natural growth underneath the gel. With the added bonus of being able to paint over it to match whatever you pack in your suitcase, (simply remove with non-acetone polish remover to keep the base colour intact), no matter your worries on the day itself, at least your nails won’t be one of them.

From £38. Book online  here .

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The Tan: Sienna X Wedding Tan at the James Harknett Studio, W Hotel

Whether you’re a tanning virgin or a bronzed pro, an appointment with in-demand celebrity tanner James , will make sure you’re glowing in more than ways than one on your wedding day.

With a treatment for any skin tone , his work in entirely bespoke, with a range of tailor-made wedding tan packages to allow you to pick and choose a tan that complements the style and colour of your wedding dress. For pale skin tones, opt for the milky-mocha Cashmere & Cream, for off-white dresses try Ivory & Lace and for a bronzed tan worthy of a beach in Brazil, go for Silk & Taffeta. With the guesswork taken out of tanning, you’ll be able to rest in the knowledge that whether or not the sun is out, you’ll have mastered an effortless summer glow regardless.

More information is available on  James' website .

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The Slimming Treatment: The Balancer at Neville Hair and Beauty

In addition to the inevitable flurry of last-minute workoutsdiets  and detox plans  ahead of your wedding day, why not give your inch loss plans a helping hand with this clever toning treatment? Designed to aid lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention to help beat bloating, it gives legs an extra lift and leaves you feeling more body confident ahead of the big day and before and after a long-haul flight.

A far cry from your wedding dress, the rather less glamorous air-filled trousers work by pumping air in and out of it to massage the thighs, legs, abdomen and torso, reducing the appearance of cellulite and making wobbly bits, (in particular, thighs) feel firmer and lighter. See Fere or Hasti of Fere & Co - they really do have magic hands.

£50 for a 30 minute session. For further information call 020 7235 3654.

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The Waxing Treatment: Bridal Package at Strip

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys going for a bikini wax . But what if we were to tell you there was a place where it was as pain-free as possible and you could watch Ryan Gosling in the process? We kid you not, because with the Bridal Package at Strip, bikini waxes have become a much more appealing prospect.

Including a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, full leg, under arm, brow shape and lash tint, the treatment takes place in one of the beautifully themed rooms to provide a restful and peaceful atmosphere for when you’re feeling your most delicate. Don’t get us wrong, expect a few yelps as the wax strips move further inwards, but with the modern selection of waxes and choice of classic wedding movies on hand to provide a welcomed distraction, (I chose The Notebook), all amenities are available to make it as pleasant an experience as it can be. Complete with a consultation with your very own personal shopper afterwards, who’ll measure and provide you with advice on the perfect lingerie to wear underneath your wedding dress, it’s safe to say that the worry has finally been taken out of our hair removal  woes for good.

Bikini waxes start at £23. The Bridal Package is priced at £145. For more information, visit the Strip  website .

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The Eyebrow Treatment: Shavata Brow Bootcamp

Whether you’re bushy of brow or can’t be trusted to be left alone with a mirror and pair of tweezers, not to worry as eyebrow shaping royalty Shavata Singh  will be able to whip your brows back into shape in just four sessions.

Renowned for her abilities to transform faces with her supreme threading and waxing skills, she works with your natural shape to ensure they fit with your features perfectly. Providing a subtle, anti-ageing, pain-free way to look younger fast, this less risky alternative to Botox  will take years off your face ensuring brows look clean, groomed and sharp while keeping their individual character. We can safely say that this is one boot camp that we’ll definitely be signing up for. And refreshingly, there’s not a press-up in sight.

Brow Boot Camp costs from £70 for 4 sessions with a senior therapist (saving a minimum of £30) or £100 for 4 sessions with Shavata (saving a minimum of £40). This price includes any tinting that may be required on a complimentary basis as well as 30% off any products purchased during the sessions. A single appointment costs £17. Find your nearest studio  here .

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The Hair Treatment: Shu Rituals and Shine at Neville Hair and Beauty

Dubbed the ‘Hair Healer,’ this anti-ageing hair treatment from Paolo Lai is wonderful for transforming damaged locks and problematic scalps back to their best. Created to help turn back the clock and add a youthful boost of shine and health from root to tip, think of it as a facelift for your hair when a mask alone won’t do.

With each treatment tailored to your particular hair needs, Paolo concocts the best combination of Shu Uemura products with a nourishing treatment to make sure you’re working with the perfect canvas come your wedding day. With a lifting head massage and a blowdry that will have you swooshing and swishing out of the salon with aplomb, it’s the ideal pampering treatment for making a good hair day  last several.

£90 for a 60 minute treatment. To book, call 020 7235 3654.

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Your daily beauty regime

When’s best to start altering your day-to-day beauty routine? With the pressure to look picture perfect when the spotlight is on you and your lucky husband-to-be (a very lucky man may we add), it’s easy to fall into the trap of changing too much too soon and potentially ending up with a breakout or other unfortunate skin reaction. So what changes should we make to our beauty regimes to make sure our wedding prep is as risk-free as possible?

According to dermatologist to the stars  Dr David Colbert MD , the first step is seeking the advice of a professional. “Six months before the big day, see your dermatologist and prepare a list of what you would like to achieve with your skin and any beauty or skin issues. Then set a monthly schedule.”

For the day itself, Dr Colbert  recommends “have an emergency skincare kit for last minute pimples or cold sores and include a topical antibiotic as well as some hydrocortisone cream for rashes. It’s also good to have an antihistamine tablet ready too.”

If you’d like to book in with a dermatologist, check out our tried and recommended skin specialists in our Get The Gloss Experts section here .