Recreate the scent of Christmas with this exquisite diffuser from Green & Spring. Katie Robertson tells us more...

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Think of a traditional Christmas and your mind will automatically conjure up the sumptuous scents of mulled wine, butter roasted turkey and a roaring log fire-simply divine. However, combine these with the frenzied family gatherings, the frantic gift wrapping and chaotic carolling, and the Yuletide period along with its indulgent festive fragrances can become somewhat overwhelming.

Imagine then, that amongst all the merry mayhem you could inject a slice of serenity and tranquillity that will allow just a fraction if not a minute of rest and relaxation. Well, now you can with the Green & Spring Relaxing Home Diffuser.

Made with extracts of lavender, geranium and rosemary, and inspired by aromatic kitchen herbs, this diffuser is truly a bottle of liquid heaven. Best known for using only the finest natural ingredients grown within the British Isles, Green & Spring have essentially bottled the delicious and delectable aroma of the English countryside on a sunny spring afternoon. So, when things start to get on top of you during this festive season take five minutes with Green & Spring to just sit back, relax and unwind to the pure and unadulterated scent of glorious Great Britain. Now that’s traditional.

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